Achieving after Adversity

Overcoming Rape and Depression

Azura made the tough choice to reopen her wounds when she went public as a sexual abuse survivor in 2013. As a pioneer mentee from Beautiful People’s My Beautiful Life (MBL) programme, she chooses to tell her story to raise awareness on violence against women and affect change in social attitudes towards sexual violence.

Her road to recovery was possible with the help of her counsellors and also Big Sisters from Beautiful People’s My Beautiful Life (MBL) programme. Being part of Beautiful People has shown Azura that she will always have a family which cares for her. Azura was paired with her Big Sister, Phyllis whom she regards as a significant person in her life.

At the age of 21, Azura took on the daunting role of becoming her family’s sole breadwinner. During this time, Phyllis helped Azura realise that she could fulfil her dreams even while providing for her family.

Today, Azura works in a public hospital handling calls on general enquiries and appointments. She enjoys her work and has received numerous awards for it ,including the Singapore Health Quality Service Award (SHQSA) Gold Award in recognition of her exemplary efforts as a healthcare professional in improving patient experience. Last year, she was also awarded a Long Service Award.

Azura received the Flying Start WOW Award last year. This award is presented by Beautiful People to mentees who have overcome adversity and demonstrated personal qualities of perseverance and courage, to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams. All attributes Azura has clearly achieved!


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