What we do



Mentoring. It is the simple idea that dreams come true because of someone who believes in the one who dreams.

This one simple idea has seen us walk into residential rehabilitation homes, schools, living rooms and behind prison bars, to touch the lives of those who have become our family. Find out more about what lies behind each of our programmes!


Read together to grow together. Beautiful People started the Baby Reader Programme to support our young mums in this critical life transition by providing support in terms of parenting skills and financial education. It is called Baby Reader because we love reading with the young ones, and watching them learn and grow with us!


We are a relationship, not a programme. We refuse to be constrained by the boundaries of fixed programme durations. The Beautiful People Family continues to stay connected even after the programmes have come to an end, staying in touch on a one-to-one basis, and through major gatherings like our annual Family Day and other meaningful events throughout the year.


Girl Power. Our very first flagship programme, My Beautiful Life is an intensive mentoring programme for girls that takes place over the course of a year. Through My Beautiful Life, we aim to empower Little Sisters with the life-skills and relationships to help them navigate their life direction.

Partners: AG Home, Gracehaven, Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls, Tent


Exploring the idea of freedom within and without. Free For Good is a pre-discharge programme in Changi Women’s Prison that supports inmates in integrating back into society and to stay strong and out of prison.

Partner: Changi Women’s Prison


Beautiful People goes overseas with GLOW! Growing Love Over the World (GLOW), engages mentors and mentees in community work both locally and in Batam, where they teach English to our young friends in an orphanage.

Partner: Agape Orphanage


Work can be meaningful and fun! A work-based mentoring programme, Good Work! brings together companies, community volunteers and schools, to transform work into a powerful experience for growth and self-discovery through a combination of an intensive internship, life-skills training, mentoring and coaching.

Partners: Lakeside Family Services and various schools


From boys to courageous men. Heroes’ Journey is the brother programme to “My Beautiful Life”. We celebrate the ordinary everyday heroes who are the mentors and mentees, growing together in an extraordinary journey of challenging their own limits.

Partner: Gracehaven