Come Meet Beautiful People as we start 2016!

Dear friends,

As we close the door on 2015 and open 2016 with new hopes and dreams, we invite you to consider joining us on a parallel journey of growth with our mentees. Come meet us at our annual Meet and Greet session on 9 Jan 2016 (Saturday).

You will hear stories of how we began as a motley crew in a neighbourhood team, the dreams we believe in, and the heartbeat that joins us as a community of givers. Most importantly, you will meet the amazing volunteers who stand for changing the world through believing in dreams, one person at a time.

For the first time, we are recruiting not just women mentors, but also men, as we start our first mentoring programme for boys! Join us for a great morning connecting with your own dreams and also with like-minded people in pursuit of their dreams.

9 Jan 2016 (Saturday) at NVPC, The Central (Clarke Quay MRT)



Beautiful People talking about Beautiful People!

20 Oct 2014- Today a group of beautiful people came together to reflect on the journey we have been on over the past eight years and to hatch wild dreams for what the next eight might bring us! We went on a gallery walk sharing significant stories and milestones, we shared the essence of what this volunteer journey has been for us, and we dreamed together into the future we might create.

When we first started, we were just a group of women looking to befriend young girls through common activities like make-up and baking. Today, we find ourselves engaging in deep transformational conversations that bond in My Beautiful Life, discovering freedom within and without with the inmates in Changi Women’s Prison, sowing hope for a better future by reading with kids in Batam. This journey has brought us places indeed and we look forward to the next lap to come!

BP Family 5BP Family 1 BP Family 2IMG-20141018-WA0006



Batam Volunteer Retreat 2014

IMG-20140921-WA0021 IMG-20140921-WA002720-21 September 2014- The volunteers of Beautiful People relax, refresh and recharge with a weekend retreat to Batam!

Phyllis, our lead for GLOW (Giving Love All Over the World), brought us on a visit with The Seed Basket to learn about their coffee roasting, handmade candles and eco-farmhouse projects, and also to visit our young friends at El Zion orphanage bearing our handmade gifts. We laughed, ate and chatted our way to another legendary BP Retreat!

Most importantly, we made new friends with volunteers across different projects, reconnected with old friends, and shared stories that encouraged our hearts. Having received a fresh jolt of energy and love throughout the weekend Batam Volunteer retreat, we are set for yet another week! 


Celebrating Beautiful Lives at artistry

August 15 2014- Every year, our awesome Fundraising Team organises a Live Your Dream! event to celebrate the Beautiful Lives of our Little & Big Sisters.

This year, it was extra special as it was held during the Aliwal Night Crawl with venue sponsor artistry. Through the event, we got the Beautiful People message out to many more people.

And they heard it loud and clear with our star performers Little Sisters Nina & Phoebe, Big Sisters Wei Ling & Priyanka, and the many guest performers of the evening led by SASS, winners of Vocal Group at the recent World Championship of Performing Arts.

The special highlight of the evening was when Little Sister Azura shared about her film project. You could have heard a pin drop when she spoke in her quiet but firm voice about how she was making her dream come true. We had helped raise funds for Azura’s film at our last Live Your Dream! event in November last year.

Truly, we live to honour the Beautiful People motto – Because Every Girl Has A Dream.

The crowd builds up at artistry as the performances start

The crowd builds up at artistry as the performances start

Members of SASS were happy to share their special talents with Beautiful People

Members of SASS were happy to share their special talents with Beautiful People

 Little Sisters Nina & Phoebe had the crowd rocking and singing along

Little Sisters Nina & Phoebe had the crowd rocking and singing along

Big Sisters of Gravehaven Wei Ling and Priyanka also shared one of their dreams -- singing together in public!

Big Sisters of Gravehaven Wei Ling and Priyanka also shared one of their dreams — singing together in public!

What is the meaning of work?

Good Work!
By Karyn Choo and Yong Yoek Ling

What if we opened up the world of work to our youths as a challenge? What if work did not have to be dreary or boring, but became a fun way to learn and grow? What if we could bring out the nurturing kindness at workplaces?

And thus, Good Work! was born. Designed as an empowering work-trial experience for our Little Sisters, it sought to redefine the meaning of work, as well as the transformation that partners in the corporate world and the community can achieve together.

Over the course of 10 weeks internship from Oct to Dec 2013, Little Sisters learnt life-skills both in the classroom and in the real world of work. Through it all, they were supported by a network of peers, Big Sisters, coaches and mentors at work, who by the end, had become important influences and a source of strength.

This video captures the ups and downs of the journey, and the quiet but powerful transformation that emerged as a result of a courageous group of people who dared to say ‘yes!’ to a dream.

Much gratitude to the corporate partners, Au Chocolat, Glow, KFC, L’Oreal, Resorts World Sentosa, Pontiac Land, our sponsoring partners, COMO Foundation and Mastercard, and the community of work mentors, Big Sisters, Little Sisters, coaches and trainers!

What is the meaning of work?


Beautiful People Family at Tent: Serving with Love

The Big and Little Sisters of the Beautiful People Family at Tent inspire us with the little ways in which they bring joy and kindness to those around them in Singapore.

This Saturday morning, they set about fulfilling the wishes of four seniors living in the Marine Terrace area. Their gifts of service, while small, were heartfelt as they were customised specifically for the needs of the senior whom they visited.

In the generosity of the seniors, who were happy to share whatever they had in return, whether it be a mango or some home-made chapati, we experienced the happiness in that there is a gift within each of us!


Encouraging the Heart at our Leaders’ Retreat

1 May 2014- Today, leaders across the Beautiful People family came together to clarify our shared vision, explore personal leadership and commitment and how we can be more effective team members and culture builders in the BP movement, as leaders empowering leaders!

Here are some words that came up at the Leaders Retreat when we asked what the Beautiful People vision is about, in their own words:

“From seeds to trees”, “Growing hearts”, “Raising leaders”, “A nurturing family”, “A family of hope”, “Catalyst of dreams”, “Hope for a better future”, “Empowering one another”.

IMG-20140501-WA0022Let’s listen to some voices of the surprises and treasures that these Big Sisters have discovered in the family of Beautiful People.

Varini, Big Sister @Pertapis, Fundraising Team: “I thought volunteering was going to be a one-way street, but I’ve discovered that the journey is two-way. I have learnt that I too, have my weaknesses, and that it is ok to be vulnerable.”

Melissa, Founder: “I used to think of social injustice as a problem to be solved. But now I understand how important it is to be in community. It is hard work, and what keeps us going are the relationships we form, the sense of family.”

Carolyn, Big Sister @Pertapis, Training and Learning Team: “Beautiful People is a space where I can get grounded, and rediscover who I really am, in the process of giving back to someone else! I have also started to ask, what is MY dream?”

Veron, Big Sister @Tent: “My little sisters are like daughters to me. Volunteering with Beautiful People has had a ripple effect; I was so proud to see my son starting to mentor other youths, having seen what I do with my little sisters.”

Susie, Big Sister @Pertapis, Training and Learning Team: “I thought that this would be a 5-month journey, but it’s now been 5 years! I came in wanting to ‘save the world’, but it turns out that I’ve received a lot myself. I learnt that with Beautiful People, you are never alone. We are a family that you choose. Witnessing so many of the Big and Little Sisters realising their dreams makes me confident that indeed we can!”

Watch a pictorial summary of what happened that day- courtesy of our scribe for the day, Melissa!

We are not alone in this journey. The company of comrades along the way encourages the heart and helps keep us going with joy within us!

Thank you Susie and Irene for the great programme!

Stories of Beautiful People: Walking By My Side

Stories uplift us and act as little ambassadors spreading the love of our brave sisters who make Beautiful People what it is. They also shine the light on the journeys of hope amidst us. 

Walking By My Side

By Wang Jiunwen & Karyn Choo

What goes into building a relationship with our Little Sister that is meaningful, impactful and lasts? Big Sister Phyllis and Little Sister Azura kindly shared with us their journey. We will like to share their story with all Big Sisters and Little Sisters, and hope this inspires you to keep walking together.

 “I choose to trust her,” said Azura when asked why she saw Phyllis as a significant person in her life. Perhaps it was Phyllis’ unwavering support during Azura’s challenging times in life that bonded them and led the Little Sister to put trust in her Big Sister.

At the age of 21, Azura took on the daunting role of becoming her family’s sole breadwinner. During this time, Phyllis helped Azura realise that she could fulfil her dreams even while providing for her family. Azura‘s start at work was challenging as she faced doubts on many fronts, that she was capable of doing frontline work. However, she eventually proved herself and even received many compliments from customers. Today, Azura works at a call centre and has recently been awarded a Certificate of Best Performance, an achievement that the Beautiful People family is very proud of.


Azura with her Certificate of Best Performance award.

Another difficult period was when Azura had to seek treatment for a leg infection. Phyllisbecame a pillar of support as they made visits to different doctors to get a diagnosis for her condition and sought ways to raise funds for treatment. There were trying moments filled with disappointments, but also joy and relief. Most importantly, journeying through these shared experiences also brought the pair closer together.

So what does it take for a mentoring relationship to blossom?

Both Phyllis and Azura feel that giving each other space helps. Sometimes it may take a while for the Little Sister to open up to the Big Sister. Phyllis has learned to pace with Azura, she says, “When she is not ready to work on her situation, I stand next to her, letting her know I will walk with her when she is ready to walk”. Phyllis believes that love and sincerity will move a person over time.

For Azura, having a Big Sister whom she feels does not judge her has been important for their journey. Azura appreciates that Phyllis takes a forward-looking approach and never asked about her past or why she was in the rehabilitation residence. A Big Sister is different from professional care staff, who would be taking notes during their conversations, which made her feel that she could not quite share as freely.

Azura is also grateful for the guidance and support of other Big Sisters whom she considers family to her. Going through the “My Beautiful Life” programme has helped her learn useful life skills such as resume writing, and to connect to a community of Big Sisters who have exposed her to more possibilities in life.


Azura (fourth from left) and Phyllis (third from left) with Beautiful People Big Sisters.

Azura appreciates that Big Sisters help point her to options and possible scenarios rather than provide answers to her situations or problems that she faces; this forces her to think through things and hone her decision-making acumen in the process. Phyllis shared that this means learning to respect the decision of the Little Sister regardless of what she chooses.

From their experience journeying together, the pair has some advice to share. For a start, a relationship can go far only if both Big and Little Sisters want to embark on the journey together. Azura feels that if both are willing to make the mentoring journey work, it does not matter whom the Little Sister is paired with.

From a Big Sister’s perspective, Phyllis feels that one must set realistic expectations with the Little Sister. Being committed is important – if a Big Sister promises something, she must honour it. Big Sisters are role models to Little Sisters, and this is also a way of teaching them about responsibility.

Azura feels that mutual respect for each other is key to making the relationship work. She advises Big Sisters to balance between indulging in Little Sisters and build some discipline in Little Sisters. She cautioned against giving Little Sisters money as this may create a relationship that is hinged upon Big Sisters’ willingness to provide for the Little Sister.

Phyllis feels that as the learning journey is a parallel one, Big Sisters should also actively share with Little Sisters their ups and downs in life. Little Sisters can celebrate their Big Sisters’ happy moments and even provide a shoulder to cry on during sad moments. ForPhyllis, her walk with Azura through challenging life transitions gives her strength whenever she feels down.

To keep the relationship going, Phyllis suggests participating together in common interest activities such as painting, sports or dancing. Doing community work is a dream that Phyllisand Azura share. They have been on community projects to orphanages in Batam and Maesot where they taught English to the children. This has been a meaningful way for them to bond. Going forward, Phyllis would like to involve Azura’s mum more in their activities together.

To end off, we would like to leave you with a quote by writer and philosopher Albert Camus that we feel captures the essence of Azura’s and Phyllis’ relationship:

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

–        Albert Camus

We are 8!

Family Day


16 Feb 2014 – Our very first Family Day. It was a cosy gathering of all Big and Little Sisters and our families and where Beautiful People celebrated our 8th birthday. We are grateful for all our friends and partners for growing together with the Beautiful People family. To many more birthday celebrations together!

Reflections of a Big Sister

Big Sister Jiunwen shares her reflections on her first mentoring journey on Good Work!

My decision to join Beautiful People and be a Big Sister was a simple one – I wanted to be of help (no matter how little) to someone else’s life. Little did I know that in this journey of being a Big Sister, I received a big help to myself in return. Such is the beauty of forging relationships between people who care, and are on the same life journey. Before this, I did not realise how our lives (Big and Little Sisters) are so similar and intertwined. We are all searching for purpose in life . We are all in pursuit of direction, trying to find our true selves in this big complicated world. We are all trying to define our dreams and hopefully make them a reality. We are all human, and most importantly, an unfinished canvas waiting to be painted on in vibrant colours with strokes of love and guidance.
There are many lessons that I have learned, from both Big and Little Sisters alike during this Good Work! programme. Through the Big Sisters, I learned about love, patience and encouragement. Through the Little Sisters, I saw the value of hard work, commitment and perserverance (standing up for and working long hours is not easy! And I don’t think my 15 year old self could even do housework! So kudos to the Little Sisters). Through the trekking at McRitchie, I grasped the concept of testing our limits. We would never know how much we can achieve until we push ourselves as hard as we possibly can (so keep pushing Big and Little Sisters!). The trek also illuminated the power of social support – with the love, encouragement and support from one another, we can truly push our limits and boundaries to attain greater heights collectively as a family.
Other than that, the workshops demonstrated the power of opening our hearts to one another. It’s only through that can deep and meaningful relationships be formed, and I am thankful for each and every one of the relationships I have built with you all during these 10 weeks.
Dear Good Work! Little Sisters, all the hard work and personal growth  you have accomplished during this Good Work! programme will stand you in good stead in life. Continue to keep up the “Good Work” Little Sisters! Cheers to Sisterlicioushood =) We are all a beautiful piece of working  art, waiting to be unravelled.


Featured on The Salvation Army’s Volunteer Portal

Beautiful People was featured on The Salvation Army’s Volunteer Portal. Read all about our pilot partnership with Gracehaven in the nice story “Beautiful People in the making”. Thank you to The Salvation Army for the feature. We look forward to another year of building meaningful and deeper relationships at Gracehaven!



Kindness Morning@The Tent

25 Jan 2014 – Big and Little Sisters from The Tent went out this Saturday morning to visit our builders at a nearby construction site. We brought along water and light snacks, catching them during their short morning break. Our little gesture brought cheer all around! Through a simple act of kindness, we were reminded of how blessed we are to have our foreign friends build our homes. We look forward to celebrating Beautiful People’s 8th Anniversary “Blessed To Be A Blessing” on 16 Feb!

Kindness Blessings (10) Blessings (8)

Get to know Beautiful People on 4 Jan 2014!

We are looking for people with passion and the slightly crazy idealistic belief that society can change with life-giving individual relationships.  We also want people who have a resilient spirit who know the road can be long and hard but are encouraged in that we learn and build meaningful relationships along the way.

If you think that could be you, we would love to meet you at our volunteer recruitment!

Come to the first meet-and-greet session of the brand new year of 2014.

When: 4 Jan 2014 Saturday, 10AM-1230PM

Where: SCWO (Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations)
96 Waterloo Street
Ground Floor Training Room 1
Singapore 187967 (near Bras Brasah MRT)

Drop us a note to let us know you’re coming, at See you!

Good Work! – Camp & Module 4

30 Nov – 1 Dec. Good Work! Camp. It was a transformational experience. We were reminded of being responsible for ourselves, to give 100% in whatever we do, and to let go of our fears as we pursue our dreams. We learned that perseverance is in each of us and having one another’s support will help us go a long way. As we discovered the beauty in each of us, we are also grateful for the bonds that were forged. Thank you to our camp commander Big Sister Lily for pushing our limits and creating a beautiful experience with us!

bp_camp_video_06 bp_camp_video_07



14 Dec. Module 4. The family met again for Module 4, with a new challenge to bring our learning outside of Good Work! In the coming two weeks, we will share our dreams with the important person in our life and ask for their support.

Outing with Children’s Cancer Foundation

On 9 November 2013, Big and Little Sisters from Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls went on an outing to the Marina Bay Fire Station with Children’s Cancer Foundation’s (CCF) beneficiaries and their families. One of our Little Sisters shares her observations and thoughts from the outing.

Pertapis CCF outing

Two of my fellow Little Sisters were emcees for the day.  They were frightened at first but our Big Sisters calmed them down. I was proud of their effort. They did a good job introducing our group and the purpose of the outing. We played an ice-breaker game, called “Simon Says”. I could tell that the children were enjoying themselves. We then proceeded to tour the fire station. Every sister partnered a child.

The tour was conducted by the fire station officers. We learned that the fire engine car is referred to as a pumper. The officer explained how to use the rescue equipment and allowed us to hold on to the equipment. The children were enthusiastic to try out the equipment. We also toured the “work-out room” or the control room. Did you know that the officers have only one minute to get ready before going off to the reported venue with fire? We saw a practice work out and the firefighter officers were indeed ready in one minute. We were all very impressed!

After the tour, we went for lunch together at Burger King. We sang for our guests after we finished lunch, Big Sister Clara brought her guitar, so we sang along with her strumming. We then presented each child with a book mark that Little Sisters made. The outing ended with a group photo-taking.

I was happy that our presence made a difference to the children, even though it was a short and simple outing. Even though the children were ill they never failed to smile.

Written by Little Sister AF.

Good Work! Inspirations

Inspirations from our beautiful sisters:

“I learnt that when we accept our flaws, no one can use that against us anymore.”

“What we admire in others is the start of the same greatness in us.’

“I learnt that I should accept the good in me gracefully.”

“I am part of a community, and what I do has an impact on others.”

“I learned the value of authenticity and honest communication.”

Good Work! module 2:




IMG_58799Z1A5840Good Work! Inspirations


Good Work! Kick Off

We kicked off the Good Work! pioneer batch today with our first learning session as a family! New relationships were formed as we created our group cheer and T-shirt, found a song that resonates with us, shared about our fears and learned to recognise and manage our emotions.

This journey will have its ups and downs as our Little Sisters come up against challenges at their work placements that will test their resilience and staying power, and the ability to cope when stressful situations set in. Today, we learnt that a Smile makes it all better, especially when we have friends and sisters to walk with us. We are off to conquer a worthy challenge, learn along the journey, and have fun along the way.



Good Work! Kick Off

Good Work t shirt




Beautiful People has been awarded the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre’s President Award for Volunteerism (Informal Group Category) 2013! This award is a recognition of how much we have come to grow as a family who supports one another’s dreams.  We have much to celebrate and be thankful for as we continue to grow together as a family of Little Sisters, Big Sisters and friends.

We are extremely honoured and grateful to receive this recognition. We would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for your support- nothing is too small a contribution to matter in the lives and journeys of our girls.

At Beautiful People, we are ‘one family supporting the pursuit of one another’s dreams’.  This parallel journey of transformation impacts not just the Little Sisters we enter into relationships with, but also the Big Sisters who themselves experience some form of transformation in their own lives.  We hope that this dream of belonging and transformation, can be everyone’s story.

Ultimately, Beautiful People is “a Relationship Not a Programme – We grow, change and discover ourselves through the depth of our relationships”. And that is a beautiful journey, for Big and Little Sisters alike.

Thank you for being a part of our family! Thank you for journeying with us!

NVPC Award Ceremony



Get on a great start to your career with GOOD WORK!

Good Work! is an empowering work trial experience, where you discover your meaning in work and your purpose in life. Get equipped with the tools, skills and relationships to start a fulfilling career. You will not be alone in this journey, you will walk alongside a work mentor, Big Sister and a group coach. And have some serious fun along the way!

What successful applicants stand to get:

  • A prestigious 10-week work programme with renowned international companies across industries as diverse as F&B, beauty, skincare and make-up.
  • Competitive salary – stand to earn up to $1000/month with perfect attendance and good performance.
  • Support from a mentor at work and a Big Sister in life.
  • Coaching for maximum performance from a group coach.
  • Life-skills and self-discovery training by Beautiful People.
  • Challenge of a 2D1N camp which will test your limits and endurance.
  • Graduate with a Good Work! certificate and testimonials.

Is it for you? It is if you are prepared to work harder than perhaps you’ve ever worked and go beyond what you thought you could do.  And in return? Bring home not just the money and skills, but the high of more satisfaction than you thought possible.

If it is for you, apply now! Applications close on 5 Oct 2013.

Good Work Appln form 2013 (final)

Pertapis Hari Raya Family Lunch

On 24 Aug, the whole Pertapis family celebrated Hari Raya with a family lunch at MAD Jack Cafe. It was an afternoon of food, fun and festivity with the little sisters and their families. Here are the top five highlights of the afternoon:

5.    All The Lovely Ladies In Their Raya Best

The little sisters were really excited about the afternoon’s celebrations and they all got dressed up in their Hari Raya best- with beautiful baju kurungs and kebayas, topped off with high heels. Some of the big sisters glammed up as well and with all the lovely ladies at lunch; it was photo time all afternoon long!

4.    A Mad Menu

The Mad menu for the afternoon had a little something for everyone from creamy vegetable linguine to a classic Mad Jack Burger, grilled black pepper chicken and my personal favourite- “Psycho Fish & Chips”.

3.    Hari Raya Goodies

You can’t have Hari Raya without the kueh and goodies so pineapple tarts, cornflake cookies and kek lapis really brought out the raya atmosphere.

2.    Chocolate Nut Brownies Topped With Vanilla Ice-Cream

Nuff’ said.

  1. Family Time

Nothing beats an afternoon with your family (not even a chocolate nut brownie topped with vanilla ice-cream, no matter how good it was). The lunch was a great opportunity for the girls to introduce their families to their big sisters and for us big sisters to make a real connection with them.

A huge thank-you to everyone who worked to make our Pertapis Hari Raya Family Lunch possible.

By Pertapis Big Sister Michelle

LIVE YOUR DREAM! with Big Sisters Liew Wei Yong and Vanessa Tan


6 July 2013- Friends and families of Big Sisters Vanessa and Wei Yong came to show support to the Big Sisters at their LIVE YOUR DREAM! fundraiser for Beautiful People at 2am:dessert bar.

The guests got a really special treat, with Chef Janice creating a dessert “A Beautiful Creation” just for the afternoon. A woman with the courage to go the unconventional path and pursue her dreams, and the perseverance to push herself to the peak of excellence, she shows us what’s possible with “every girl has a dream”.

The afternoon was itself a platform for dreams to come true- with aspiring singers Nina and K* taking the stage and performing in front of an appreciative audience! And of course, we had the runners themselves, we celebrate them and wish them well as they prepare to embark on their dream to run  one of the toughest races on the planet – RacingThePlanet: Iceland 2013. 7 days, 250km.

We hear from the runners on what drives them and fuels their dreams:

My Little Sisters are like family to me. And they touch me with their strength and sincerity. Last year, my 2 Little Sisters spend a few weeks making me their Christmas presents. I got handmade cards, a wooden letter “V” that was carefully handpainted, and a jar of colourful folded stars. On giving me the bottle of stars, my Little Sister said, “Vanessa, whenever you are sad, just look at the bottle of stars!”  These girls have reminded me of the importance of simple things and joys in life.  In return for all they’ve shown me, I want to give a little something back, and run my heart out for them - Big Sister Vanessa Tan

I would like to spread this message to all the girls: Whatever you do, do not give up and you will see the fruits of your labour. Even though it is tough, it is worth fighting for. – Big Sister Liew Wei Yong

Thank you to all for your support of Beautiful People, and most of all, thank you for joining us in a celebration of our dreams.

Check out more event pictures here!

Just the start of a Beautiful Life Journey for our Grace haven Little Sisters!

Beautiful Life Graduation June 2013_09

Beautiful Life Befriending Graduation

Beautiful Life Graduation June 2013_58

Beautiful Life Graduation June 2013_59

8 June 2013- It was a morning filled with much joy and laughter as 17 of our Salvation Army Gracehaven Little Sisters graduated from Beautiful People’s nine-month befriending programme this Saturday!

The event, held at NTU Alumni Club’s The Tanjong, was hosted by graduating little sister Stephanie from Gracehaven, and Ting, a BP big sister.

The emcees began with some icebreakers for little sisters, big sisters and all invited friends and family members. Before long, the crowd warmed up well and the atmosphere was lively with plenty of chatter amongst guests.

The main highlight would have to be when each family group of little and big sisters started to perform. It was then that we saw each and every one of our little sisters unleashing their hidden talents and abilities. To add on, pictures from the “Dreams Come True” photo shoot were displayed, to remind and encourage the Little Sisters of the wonders that they can achieve as long as they only believe in their dreams!

The beautiful morning almost ended in tears when the little sisters and big sisters took turns to come forward to exchange thank-you gifts to one another. Lovely words of gratitude and support were also exchanged and big tight hugs filled the air.

After all the heartfelt emotions were expressed, little sister Rani led the audience in a sing-a-long, before the emcees wrapped up by inviting everyone to enjoy the scrumptious catered lunch together.

Indeed, it was a memorable graduation for all and this only marks the beginning of a newer and even deeper relationship between the little sisters and big sisters!

By: GH Big Sister Ting

Dreams Come True Photoshoot




Beautiful People started their befriending and mentoring journey with the Little Sisters at Gracehaven in September 2012.  Over the last 9 months, we’ve shared the dreams that matter to us through visual collages, and done hard work around the values and skills that we need in order to achieve our dreams.

On 25th May, we celebrate this milestone in our journey together- with a “Dreams Come True” photoshoot! Imagine you have already achieved this dream that you have.  What would you look like? Who do you have in your life? Are you a bridal gown designer? Travelling the world? A university graduate? Capture a shot that makes this come real for you.

The event is the effort of many parties coming in to each pitch in a bit- Big Sister Adelina’s husband Amos came in to do the photoshoot, Big Sister Jiaxin’s friend Nicholas came in to captures the behind-the-scene moments! Big Sister Ivy brought in 6 make-up artists from Hana Academy!

With the Family spirit, all things are possible. Even dreams come true. =)

And it’s the 5th one!

My Beautiful Life

25 May 2013- And this Saturday, our 5th batch of Big and Little Sisters at Pertapis are off to a start of their friendships and journeys together.

The purpose of the My Beautiful Life training is not only to equip the little sisters with life skills but also to facilitate greater self awareness of both BIG and Little sisters of who they are. We do this by creating a safe and supportive environment that fosters trust and intimacy which in turn, builds relationships.  Look at what Big and Little Sisters created together for what makes for such a learning environment!

Over the next few months, Big and Little Sisters will work  together and share on a series of topics, from self-awareness, self-esteem to choices and consequences.  

Let us also welcome our new Big Sister-turned-volunteer trainer- Shahrul! who will be training this batch of Big and Little Sisters together with Jeanne. To a great journey ahead!

Leadership Development Workshop- BP As a Movement

Leadership Development Workshop

Leadership Development Workshop

18 May 2013- This lovely Saturday morning, Beautiful People leaders came together to look at just what it means for us to be a movement.  With the challenge to be addressed in mind, a vision that we stand for, we aim to develop replicable models for success- namely through raising leaders.

Just as we invest into the lives of the Little Sisters, it is equally important for us to invest into the lives of Big Sisters and leaders.

Trainers Irene, Melissa and Susie put us through a game in the Leadership Development Workshop that really exemplified what the following proverb meant! “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together”.  Relationships are what make us strong, and hand in hand, we made it through!

Today, we also discussed Beautiful People values in action.  The powerful stories of LOVE, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, COURAGE and COMMITMENT were highlights of the morning’s sharing.

Thank you sisters for a wonderful morning together!

Celebrating family milestones


May 2013- This month has been such an amazing time of coming-of-age and celebration for the Beautiful People Family! Two of our Little Sisters turned 21, and we celebrate not just this significant milestone in their lives, but also give thanks for this journey that has brought us to be with one another!  Another Little Sister graduated from ITE, and to her graduation, she invited as guests-of-honour, her Big Sister of many years, Dora and her husband Jerry. They were proud ‘parents’ indeed! Congratulations!

Thank You to An (Athletic) Angel!


For her birthday this year, Siti Nurhidayati, chose an unconventional way of celebrating life!

She raised $5k for Beautiful People through an arduous 30-30-30 for her 30th birthday last week! 30 laps in the pool, 30km bike, 30km run.

Thank you for contributing with love!


Some play and picnic


Our Little Sisters enjoying a night out under the stars at Fort Canning Park, watching Othello.

Thank you to Singapore Repertory Theatre for the gift of play!


Financial Education Made Fun!



27 April 2013- Dynamic duo, Big Sister Ashley Wong and her husband Shawn, conducted an incredibly enriching fun-filled Financial Simulation for the Big & Little Sisters at Gracehaven last Saturday on 27 April 2013!

Everyone learnt about the importance of saving and planning in making financial decisions, and had lots of laughs in the process too! ♥


Coaching Conversations


6 April 2013- The Big Sisters at Gracehaven spent an awesome morning over a coaching conversation and breakfast as they shared from their hearts, reflecting on just what it takes to build and deepen relationships with our Little Sisters… What does it take to take the conversation beyond the surface to really address the tough issues and unveil what’s in the heart?

Thank you to mentor coaches, Susie, Irene and Melissa, for facilitating this learning and sharing session!






Keeping It Real at Our New Volunteer Training Session

Volunteer Training Session

16 March 2013- At each new volunteer training session, the highlight is always the part where we invite Little Sisters to come back and share their perspectives on what works in a mentoring relationship.

I am always inspired by their sharing and this is what keeps it real for me, and why I keep coming back to continue in this work.  They are our best teachers!

Here, Young Leader Sharon shares with aspiring new Big Sisters her story and her perspective.






2 March 2013- Our Little Sisters thought they were there to watch a performance, but they end up taking center stage & having fun jumping into this forum theatre to change the “stories of their lives”.

Thank you Lasalle and Fairuz Atiqah for this evening of fun! Yes, (i’m)perfect!

Chinese New Year At The Tent



17 Feb 2013- Whether you are into Chinese calligraphy or simply a competition of cracking melon seeds as fast as you can, there is something for you!

Big and Little Sisters celebrate Chinese New Year testing their limits in both dimensions. =)


The start of a journey- fresh with hope!

Beautiful People Meet and Greet Session for New Volunteers!

Dear Friends,

We are looking for Big Sisters to join our Beautiful People family in the journey of transforming lives, both your own and that of our Little Sisters.

Walk alongside our Little Sisters in their one-year journey on the My Beautiful Life Programme. MBL is an intensive mentoring and career guidance programme that aims to equip the Little Sisters with the tools, skills and relationships to help her map a career direction and get a headstart on a fulfilling career.

Key components of the programme include life skills training, financial education and job exposure opportunities. The critical success factor? A caring Big Sister to support the Little Sister along the way. Are you ready to take a look at what this journey might look like?

Beautiful People is holding a Meet-and-Greet Session for all new volunteers who are keen to find out more. We invite you to join us:

When: 5 Jan 2013 (Saturday), 2pm to 5pm

Where: Beyond Social Services, 26 Jalan Klinik, 160026 (nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, behind Tiong Bahru Plaza)

What: Learn more about what being a Big Sister with Beautiful People is all about and prepare yourself for the journey ahead! Register at

Beautiful People brings a slice of love and joy to Mae Sot!

Project Love Mae Sot

Last Dec 2012, our merry band of big and little sisters made a trip to visit our friends in Mae Sot.  This time, we raised funds for and made new friends at Mae Tao Clinic! Kudos to the team- whose efforts will go a long way!

Special mention to Emma… who collected dollars and cents from her classmates, allowing each of them to make a difference. And Ying… who never gave up and sought donations till the last hour before flying!

Listen to the heartfelt comments the team came away with…

maesot report – dec 12

Dreamcakes Project 2012: Sticky Date Fruitcakes

Dreamcakes Project 2012: Sticky Date Fruitcakes

Christmas Fruitcake

Weigh the butter. Chop the dates. Sieve the flour. Mix the batter. Crack the eggs. Turn the cake out. Time for delivery. This was Beautiful People’s Dreamcakes Project 2012 – it was a team effort with all hands on deck for three days of non-stop baking Christmas fruitcakes.

Led by Chef Kamal Fondueman, who specially created our Sticky Date Fruitcake recipe, our Little Sisters worked together to bake 500 fruitcakes! For our Little Sisters, it was a valuable learning experience on kitchen operations and a taste of working life in the culinary industry. While they picked up baking tips, our Little Sisters also learned about team work and perseverance – “it’s ok, the next batch will be good” they say, when a few cakes did not quite make the mark. We could not have done it without Big Sister Shindy, who was always calm and stayed onsite throughout so that things moved like clockwork and also made sure that the bakers were all well taken care of. And there was JY,who worked behind the scenes to ensure that all the logistics went like clockwork and all the cakes were delivered to their rightful owners in time for Christmas!

We are very grateful to Chef Kamal Fondueman for taking time out to be involved in the project and to the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation for sponsoring the kitchen. A shout-out also to the extended family of Beautiful People – family and friends – who helped out in any way that they could.

We look forward to another successful Dreamcakes Project next year!

Sticky Date Fruitcakes: A Social Enterprise Project by Beautiful People!

Are you looking for a memorable Christmas gift idea that is naughty and nice? Why not give yummilicious Sticky Date Fruit Cakes specially created by Chef Kamal Fondueman and lovingly baked by teenage girls for the Beautiful People social enterprise project.

Your purchase will double as a gift to the teenage girls participating in the project as all profits will go to supporting their dreams.


BP Sticky Date Fruit Cake Order Form

1-19 pieces at S$35 each

20-49 pieces at S$32 each
50 pieces & above at S$28 each
*Each Sticky Date Fruit Cake weighs 1.5kgs

Contact: JY Quek +65 8380-5775
Free delivery to one location for orders of 20 pieces & above

With thanks to Chef Kamal Fondueman and kitchen sponsor: Singapore Halal Culinary Federation

Career Conversations at the Beautiful People Annual Camp

Beautiful People is organising Career Conversations on Sunday 16 Dec 2012 (1.00-3:30pm) as part of our annual BP Camp! Through themed “conversations” with our Big Sisters and volunteers, we hope to create awareness among our Little Sisters of the various careers and pathways available.

We are expecting an audience of about 80 (Little Sisters, Big Sisters and parents).

We are looking for enthusiastic VOLUNTEER speakers for these sessions. All you need to do, is share about what you do, how you got to where you are, and tips on the qualities and qualifications the industry seeks in the people it hires.We are looking for speakers for these industries/ jobs:Healthcare – (e.g. nurse/ physiotherapists /paramedics, etc.)
Entertainment – Emcee, Entertainer, Talent Managers
Fashion/ Retail
Event Organizer
Food and Beverage
Professional Services: Accounting & Law
Banking & Finance
Admin & Service Staff (various industries)

We are excited about the exposure and opportunities this will create for our Little Sisters! Please get in touch if you would like to be a part of this!

Get Together and Give Thanks!

give thanks


Get Together and Give Thanks 2012

1 December 2012 – Once again, it was time for the Beautiful People family to celebrate our togetherness as a family and to give thanks for being there for one another!

This year, the theme was something close to all of our hearts- family.  We were treated to family-inspired dishes: homely Chicken Stew and Curry Chicken , Hokkien Mee, Refreshing Salad, Lemongrass Drink (we had both the sweet and salty versions), Sugee Cake, just to name a few. We had the chance too to pause, and reflect on what it meant to be family: unconditional love and belonging, being there for one another through the ups and downs, a place to call home.  We also had loads of fun interpreting the theme and dressing up in uniforms of all sorts and coming up with creative poses for the camera.

Till the next GTGT!

By: Karyn Choo

Beautiful People Stakeholders’ Gathering!

“The future is created one room at a time, one gathering at a time.  Each gathering needs to become an example of the future we want to create.” – Peter Block, Community- The Structure of Belonging

17 November 2012- This Saturday morning saw an energetic group of volunteers and stakeholders come together for our 2012 Beautiful People Stakeholders’ Gathering!  

We are truly grateful for everyone’s presence and were energised by the depth and breadth of passion and commitment to bring about deep change in society – in ourselves and in the lives of others.  It was a wonderful reminder of the importance of learning together always and maintaining the humility to learn and change. We all need to be changed in order for the overall picture to improve.   

Our acknowledgement and thanks to our guest facilitator, Doug, our guests, and last but not least, our planning team, who pulled together the entire session- from the brainwork to the legwork! 

With love and blessings for a wonderful end to 2012,
From The BP Family
Thank you for making the gathering possible!

Pertapis, Nurul Ain :: Beyond Social Services, Gerard Ee, Khairun, Maisey:: Vocational & Reintegration Support Unit/MSF, Karen Singarayar, Joanne Mak :: Principal of Juvenile Homes/MSF, Lee Kwang, Kok :: Vice Principal of Juvenile Homes/MSF Lilian Soong ::  Head/Vocation/MSF Raymond Lai ::  Head/Marriage Central/MSF, Cheh Hoon, Chong :: Principal Consultant/CSC, Douglas O Loughlin :: DD/Guidance/MOE, Grace Ng :: MOE, Bibi :: VP/Academic/Crest Secondary School/MOE, Subash Lazar :: Pregnancy Crisis Services, Nina Catrina, May, Karen Vincent,  Joyce :: UNIFEM, Camilia, Melissa :: Chrissie :: Restorative Practice, Lutheran Community Services, Daniel Ang :: & 28 Beautiful People Big Sisters & Volunteers

Projecting Confidence on the Runway!

1 Oct 2012- Would like to give a shout out to JA and JS for being such awesome sport and for their effort in putting up a gorgeous runway performance at Singapore Chinese Swimming Club last Saturday night. I would especially like to commend JS for her awesome performance on stage!

During our training, JS was a little reserved and she was a little uncomfortable with her walk. But i gotta tell ya, SHE TOTALLY ROCKED ON STAGE! She was nervous and looked so terrified before we went onstage, but once she was up there, SHE WAS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! She rocked the stage, she smiled (something that is so had to see on her face, that smile!) and she was so confident! We all had loads of fun applying make up for one another, going thru the runs for the runway and running backstage to change into 3 diff outfits in less than 3 minutes for each outfit (thanks to Em as well for being backstage and helping us with the clothes madness!)!

IT WAS CRAZY!! Just wanna say that I’m proud of the girls who made an effort to be there to share this awesome experience with me and thank you Shindy for this opportunity. I hope the rest of the other girls had as much fun as i did. :)

By: Nina

Mid Autumn Festival at Tent

30 September 2012- Mid Autumn Festival is a time for reunions and gatherings and this is precisely what Big and Little Sisters at the Tent did this evening.  We had a lovely time enjoying the simple joys of lighting traditional paper lanterns, and being in each other’s company in the glow of the candlelight! Feels like family. =)


Beautiful People Embarks On A Kindness Weekend!

Beautiful People Big Sisters are taking their love to Batam!

kindness weekendThe fine weekend of 15-17 September saw our Big Sisters embarking on a little boat trip out to Batam island for our annual volunteers retreat.  It was a time for us to bond and recharge, and just hang out.

But first, a visit to the orphanage to start off our kindness weekend! The morning saw sleepy-eyed Big Sisters forming a Santa’s workshop right in the middle of the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal, busily and cheerily packing goodie bags for the children.

We had planned a series of games and activities for the children, but once there, all our plans flew out of the window and it took improvisation on the spot! We thought we were going to teach them songs and games, but it turned out very much the other way round, which was awesome!

It was a short weekend, but a too-rare chance for like-minded Big Sisters volunteering across the different homes to come together and simply enjoy one another’s company.  We are looking forward to next year’s trip already!

Bake Date with Our Club Girls

Bake High Tea

Bake Date 13 Sept 2012• High Tea • We had such a fun time learning how to make scones with home-made strawberry jam+cream, many kinds of flavourful quiche, and Japanese strawberry shortcake! Perfectly matched with Coffee, Tea & beautiful girls! It was great food, fun & fellowship!

Great teamwork in preparing the Yummy food! And Special thanks to our lovely chefs-in-command – Allison & Lily. :)


Sushi and Tapas- Book Launch and Fundraiser

Meet Singapore’s Ambassador-at-large Chan Heng Chee and the authors of Sushi and Tapas in an intimate and lively chat on the secrets of success and the highs and lows of being a jet-setter and go-getter.

Sushi and Tapas

Partial proceeds from book sales will go to Beautiful People. Come wearing Pink! =)

Friday, 31 August 2012
The Arts House, Blue Room, 1 Parliament Lane


New Warm-Hearted Volunteers, Come Meet Beautiful People!

Dear Beautiful People Friends and Family,

If you and your friends are keen to learn more about volunteering opportunities with Beautiful People, we welcome you to join us at a Meet-And-Greet session coming up very soon!

Learn more about Beautiful People and what we stand for, and maybe one or two things about yourself! You can volunteer as a Befriender or a Big Sister or Be a Career Guide. Or come to us with ideas for what we can do together! You can make a difference by sowing into the future and building a legacy in the lives of our Little Sisters in order to help them build their dreams. Visit us at for more details, or simply join us at:

Date: 5 September 2012 (Wed)
Time: 1900-2200
Venue: tbc

We look forward to welcoming you and your friends! Please RSVP to

A Great Start With The Tuition Programme at the Tent!

Dear Beautiful People Friends and Family.
The month of August has been an exciting month for our Big Sisters at the Tent.  With the great support of our Big Sisters, we launched the Tuition Programme at Tent on August 1st 2012.  The programme will see us collaborating with tuition centres to provide tuition to some of our Little Sisters, and have our Big Sisters provide 1-to-1 tuition and study coaching to the Little Sisters as well.
Our aim is “To create an environment where Big Sisters will have the opportunity to deepen the relationship with the Little Sisters and to allow the Little Sisters to excel in their school work”.  And this saw Trish, Carolyn and Sophie walking the little sisters to and from Tent to the Tuition Centre on their first few lessons at the Tuition centre.
Our Big Sister Trish shared with us her experience:
“I may not have done anything impressive to rock the world. But if I managed to make a difference to one individual and rock her world, that’s impressive
This is what I learn about the tuition programme. We often underestimate little things in life and are ignorant to the impact it can generate. But when I begin to see a heart opening up and a sweet ‘Thank You’ at the end of the walk, I know this is more than a walk, it’s a journey”
Over the last couple of weeks in August, we’ve built up a good rapport with the Administrator at Tent and deepened our relationship and bonding with the Little Sisters on the programme.
It has been a wonderful August start! Stay tuned and you will hear more from us.
A big thanks to our volunteer tutors, Chris and Mel at Fundamantics!
By: Meng Eng, Co-Leader at Tent
tuition centre

Mentors-To-Be Retreat 17-18 Mar 2012

New Mentors-to-be,

Thank you for plucking up your courage and making the commitment to start this journey as a Big Sister with Beautiful People! You have learnt more about what it means to be a Big Sister at the New Volunteer Recruitment and Training Session.  This 1.5 day training session helps prepare all mentors-to-be on the situations that they may encounter, through experiential learning led by our mentor coaches and case conferences involving sharing by older Big Sisters.  You will pick up basic questioning and listening skills, and how to enter into deeper conversation with your Little Sister in order to guide and walk with her.

When:   17-18 Mar 2012 (starts 9am on 17 Mar, ending at 1pm on 18 Mar)

Where: Beyond Social Services, 26 Jalan Klinik, 26 Jalan Klinik #01-42/52, S160026 (nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, exit on the side of Tiong Bahru Plaza)

Beautiful People Family Lunch

Enjoying time together, as a family

Family Lunch

It was a great warm day, perfect for an iced drink and a dip in the pool, and our Little Sisters from Beautiful People were listening attentively next to an equally-warm brick oven.

With the support of Binjai Tree and One Dream, the Saturday of 17 March 2012 saw Little Sisters in the open kitchen of Extra Virgin Pizza at Asia Square, learning the art of pizza-making from the experts led by Chef Matthew. It was a fun creative session as our Little Sisters experimented with the various ingredients and sauces ranging from the usual tomato and cheese bases to more exotic flavours like pesto pistachio. Our little sisters also enjoyed making their own soda concoctions – lemon ginger and strawberry flavours – perfect for the warm day. They had a boisterous fun time in the kitchen, and then, the best part, serving the pizzas they had lovingly prepared, to their Big Sisters and other family members.

We enjoy being the family that eats together, and stays together. Coming together to prepare food, clean up and finally, sit around the dining table to eat together, was yet another a wonderful opportunity for us to catch up with one another, bring the families of Little and Big Sisters into the Beautiful People family, and just simply enjoy one another’s company and conversation.

Thank you once again to One Dream, Binjai Tree and Extra Virgin Pizza for being our lovely hosts, and for sharing in our dream of having family lunch together!

New Volunteer Recruitment and Training Session

We are looking for Big Sisters to join our Beautiful People family in the journey of transforming lives, both your own and that of our Little Sisters.

Walk alongside our Little Sisters in their one-year journey on the My Beautiful Life Programme. MBL is an intensive mentoring and career guidance programme that aims to equip the Little Sisters with the tools, skills and relationships to help her map a career direction and get a headstart on a fulfilling career.

Key components of the programme include life skills training, financial education and job exposure opportunities. The critical success factor? A caring Big Sister to support the Little Sister along the way. Want to join us on this journey but do not know how to start?

Beautiful People is holding a New Volunteer Recruitment and Training Session for all new volunteers, to help them prepare for the journey ahead. We invite you to join us:

When: 25 Feb 2012 (Saturday), 1pm to 5pm (start at 12.30pm for those who were not able to join us at the Meet & Greet.)

Where: Beyond Social Services, 26 Jalan Klinik, 160026
(nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, behind Tiong Bahru Plaza)

What: Learn more about what being a Big Sister with Beautiful People is all about and prepare yourself for the journey ahead! Register at


New Volunteer Recruitment and Training Session

We are looking for Big Sisters to join our Beautiful People family in the journey of transforming lives, both your own and that of our Little Sisters.

Walk alongside our Little Sisters in their one-year journey on the My Beautiful Life Programme.  MBL is an intensive mentoring and career guidance programme that aims to equip the Little Sisters with the tools, skills and relationships to help her map a career direction and get a headstart on a fulfilling career. Key components of the programme include life skills training, financial education and job exposure opportunities.  The critical success factor? A caring Big Sister to support the Little Sister along the way.

Want to join us on this journey but do not know how to start?  Beautiful People is holding a Volunteer Recruitment and Training Session for all new volunteers, to help them prepare for the journey ahead.  We invite you to join us:

When:           18 Feb 2012 (Saturday), 1pm to 5pm (start at 12.30pm for those who were not able to join us at the Meet & Greet.)

Where:         Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls, 42 Surin Avenue, Singapore 535638(nearest MRT: Kovan, across Kovan bus interchange)

What:            Learn more about what being a Big Sister with Beautiful People is all about and get prepare yourself for the journey ahead! Register at

Alternative date: 25 Feb 2012 (Saturday), 1pm to 5pm (start at 12.30pm for those who were not able to join us at the Meet & Greet.)

Beautiful People Meet ‘N Greet Session

On to a new year, Beautiful People is seeking like-minded volunteers to join us on this journey of transforming lives, both your own and that of our Little Sisters.

Beautiful People is a volunteer programme that aims to inspire, educate and empower teenage girls to be at their best and highest selves.  Our vision is for the girls in our community to live with dignity and with respect for themselves and others.

Beautiful People started in 2006 as a programme of Beyond Social Services, supporting teenage girls on probation as they reintegrate into society.  Today, in addition to Beyond Social Services, Beautiful People also works with the AG Home, Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls, and The Tent.

Our flagship programme ‘My Beautiful Life’ was launched in 2009 to tap our resources as a network of diverse and caring volunteers. It is an intensive mentoring and career guidance programme that aims to equip the Little Sisters with the tools, skills and relationships to help her map a career direction and get a headstart on a fulfilling career. Key components of the programme include life skills training, financial education and job exposure opportunities.  We are starting the next batch of girls on the My Beautiful Life programme, and we are looking for Big Sisters to embark on this journey with us!

Beautiful People runs on the passion and perserverance of our volunteers that are Big Sisters.  We invite you to join us on this journey:

When:           14 Jan 2012 (Saturday)

Where:         Beyond Social Services, 26 Jalan Klinik #01-42, S16002 (MRT: Tiong Bahru)

What:            Come meet our Big Sisters and learn more about who we are and what we do, and how you can be a part of this journey!

Register your interest at We look forward to meeting you!

Beautiful People Goes Global!

Letting hopes and dreams run free-

Beautiful People embarks on community service trip to Mae Sot, Thailand (Dec 2011)

global community service trip

Travel feeds the soul and for the Beautiful People group of four Little Sisters and six Big Sisters who went on the six-day trip to Mae Sot, Thailand, it was an immensely fulfilling trip that left no one untouched.

Having raised a total of S$880 in donations, the organisers purchased photo paper for the residents to start a small photo printing business, a pair of pigs, bags of rice for the families, and a term’s worth of milk and fruits thrice a week for the children.   The team also brought over new and pre-loved books and clothes collected from various donors, which will come into good use.  Thank you!

But beyond the material things we were able to bring with us, it was the time spent together as a community that really made a difference.  What stole the volunteers’ hearts was just how enthusiastic and sincere the children were when they threw themselves wholeheartedly into the days’ activities. On the first day when we arrive at the school, the children were already waiting patiently at the gates of the school to welcome us.

The children impressed us with their deftness and innate creativity with design and colour play during a jewellery making session conducted by Big Sister Shindy. She was really touched by the children’s generosity when some of her students presented her with their handmade gifts right after the lesson. “It’s something that you rarely see in Singapore,” she quips.

For Little Sisters Haziq, Nina, Pauline and Emma, language hardly proved to a barrier. Pauline felt very welcomed by the children and was humbled by “how happy they were, despite having so little”. Nina, who led the children through the group games, was also glad she joined the trip. “They were so warm and welcoming. The experience is beyond words!” Emma was reminded of “how to be a big sister” when taking care of the children during the activities.  Big Sister Yoek is really impressed by how the Little Sisters did such a good job in leading the activities. “I’m so proud seeing our girls rise up to leadership as they connected with the kids, and took the initiative to help with the games and programme. We were a great team!”

The trip’s organizer, Big Sister Phyllis says it all when she added, “I feel so blessed by the kids. They shower me with their love, joy and peace”.  There were many tears as we hugged goodbye, but we carry with us the memories of the smiles and the laughter, and we will be back!

By: Big Sister Chia Sihan


Presenting…The Beautiful People Dreamcakes Project

Project Christmas Dreamcakes: Give Double Joy this Christmas!

Beautiful People has launched the inaugural Project Christmas Dreamcakes. It is a social enterprise project created to provide skills training and employment for teenage girls in  residential rehabilitation homes. 100% of the profits will go to funding the ‘My Beautiful Life’ Programme which was launched in 2009 to support their dreams and help them integrate into society.

Chef Kamal Fondueman, in collaboration with culinary institute OSAC International College, has specially created these Christmas cupcakes for Beautiful People. He will supervise a team of volunteers and little sisters to bake these cupcakes from scratch using the finest ingredients. This project will see our girls participating in and learning various aspects of the business, from sales and marketing, accounting and logistics, to baking and packaging.

You can order these dreamcakes to be delivered on 16th or 18th December. You can also pick them up personally at Millenia Walk on 16th, 17th and 18th December from 11am to 9pm.



Single Order Package

D1A Price S$25 – 1 box of 6 Dreamcakes Package

D1B Price S$70 – 1 box of 6 Dreamcakes plus 1 bottle Red Wine Hunter Valley (U.P.S$70)

Bulk Order

Package D10 – 10 boxes & above, label with company name and free delivery included

Package D20 – 50 boxes & above, label with company name, BP Special angel and free delivery included.

BP_OrderForm[1]Please support our Project Dreamcakes and give double joy this Christmas!

Live Your Dream!

Live your dreamThis November a hedgefund manager, headhunter and restaurateur will embark on one of the toughest races on the planet – Racing The Planet: Nepal 2011 – in aid of Beautiful People.

Each of us has a dream – hidden or worn on our sleeve, enormous or modest. What matters is that we sustain that dream with hope and faith burning brightly inside of us – just like Team Commonwealth is doing!

Team Commonwealth would like to share the spirit of never giving up in the face of new challenges and we would like you to come join us at Beautiful People’s first fundraiser of the year.

Live Your Dream!

Date : Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011 (eve of Deepavali)
Time : 6pm (bar opens)
Venue : Wild Oats Bar on the Hill (@ Mt Emily)
Recommended Donation : $50 to enjoy the following:

Special Beautiful People Cocktail, handmade Beautiful People signature angel charm for early birds, extended happy hour (1-for-1 drinks), and a chance to enter our raffle with lots of prizes like hotel stays, spa and restaurant vouchers, cinema passes, and more!

RSVP NOW on Facebook or email /

1st MBL Session for our 3rd batch of girls at Pertapis

My Beautiful Life

We arrive at 9am at Pertapis this Saturday morning, but with a little more ‘trepidation’ than usual! Today, we are not just Big Sisters, but we will be in charge of facilitating the MBL session!

Today’s session is on ‘Knowing Yourself’. After a series of ice-breakers, we get right into the material. MBL stands for not just My Beautiful Life, but also ‘Motivate, Believe and Love Yourself’. Through simple tools and stories, and the key activity of the day, getting the girls to express themselves through their drawings, we share with one another what we think of ourselves. We are all impressed with the lovely drawings and the open sharing by the girls.

My Beautiful Life has really grown and developed over time. We started with having external trainers. And last year, social worker Han Yah Yee, helped us to develop and deliver a series of customized MBL lessons, which were very well-received due to its simple but powerful messages, and interactive nature. This year, we are taking it yet one step further, by training our own Big Sisters to facilitate the MBL sessions. Yah Yee held a train-the-trainer session, during which she shared from her rich experience, and imparted some tips.

Beautiful People is really a place where Big and Little Sisters alike, journey and learn together. It challenges and empowers us to stretch our limits. At the end of the session, the girls shared that they had really enjoyed the session and thanked us.

We in turn, thanked them for having been such an appreciative audience, and for giving us the chance to take on this challenge!

Listen to what the Big and Little Sisters had to say about their inaugural MBL Lesson!

Today, I learnt to love myself. I learnt to recognize many of the issues I have with myself. I know how to change and move forward.

I learnt to share more about myself. And to respect the strengths and weaknesses of others.

I learnt from the Little Sisters! I learnt that there is a lot of maturity and strength within them.

- Yoek, Tiffany and Jeanne

Job shadow day at Clifford Chance

Job Shadow

What goes on in the world of a law firm? Our girls are about to enter the doors of a law firm and find out for themselves!

Daniel and his team at Clifford Chance hosted some of our girls on a job-shadowing experience on 24 June 2011. Our girls turned up looking very professional in their suits and all smiles as they got ready to learn and discover for themselves.

Here’s what they said:

My supervisor told me the types of courses and qualifications required to be a secretary. It is not an impossible dream for me now. I want to work hard to go to Poly and take a Private Secretary Course.

I’m always curious what happens in a law firm. What types of jobs people do. I might not be qualified now but we should not let people around us put us down. We SHOULD try our best to do it.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

But what if you have never seen or been exposed to the various opportunities in life?

Such internships and job shadow days are invaluable opportunities for our girls to expand their realm of possibility and to dare to dream big. If you too, would like to give the gift of possibility by hosting some of our girls on a job-shadow day or internship, we welcome you to get in touch at

Mentors’ Retreat

mentors retreat

Eleven awesome ladies came to join us for our Mentors’ Retreat from 24-26 June 2011. We had a great location right next to Dempsey, a rustic getaway where we connected with ourselves and other Big Sisters-to-be!

The values clarification exercise helped us articulate what we and Beautiful People stands for. We also learned to recognise and acknowledge the power of our emotions and make the appropriate responses.

Here’s what some of our Big Sisters-in-training had to say:

The training sessions reminded me of who I am and what I stand for. I believe that my decision to volunteer at Beautiful People would be one of the best decisions I have made. While I help the little sisters, I am also helping myself.

- TBY, Big Sister of BP

Beautiful People really walks the talk. Empowering all women, not only do you groom the mentees but you groom the mentors too!

- Ray Pong, Big Sister of BP

Relationship and community, that’s what Beautiful People’s structure is equipped to build and foster. It struck me that making a difference in a young person’s life is a long-term hard and ‘heart’ work requiring not just love, commitment and courage but vision, plans, structure, support and community to bring about life change.

- Serene Koh, Big Sister of BP

Thank you to Mentor Coach, Irene Teo, for the wonderful training session!

BP Stakeholders’ Gathering

Stakeholders Gathering

“Participants playing the game ‘Zoom in, Zoom Out’, reminding us all of the intricacies of the intimate connections between the seemingly unrelated, and to always keep the big picture and the vision in mind.”

Every year, Beautiful People brings together its key stakeholders- partners and volunteers, to review and celebrate the achievements of the past year, and energised its focus for the year ahead.

This year, we celebrated BP’s key milestones on various fronts:

  • We saw our flagship programme, My Beautiful Life, develop into a set of affirming lessons based on experiential learning. The new MBL was well received by Big and Little Sisters alike for its engaging and participative approach. Many thanks to our volunteer, Han Yah Yee for designing and conceptualizing the new MBL!
  • Long-time Big Sister, Dora Yeo, spearheaded the set-up of the BP Club, to engage girls in social activities and service visits, reinforcing the concept of purposeful relationships as the foundation of Beautiful People
  • Active engagement of volunteers in learning and fun. We set up the Volunteer Learning team, which focuses on developing Big Sisters. We believe that whatever we invest in our Big Sisters will multiply itself many times over, as they learn and grow with our Little Sisters.

Overheard at the Stakeholders’ Gathering:

The greatest compliment I received was the comment that [Beautiful People] volunteers are different. They genuinely show love and care to people who are technically not family.

- Melissa Kwee
Beautiful People, Founder and Volunteer

I am very blessed to be part of Beautiful People- I am one of the beneficiaries of its programmes!

- Sophia
Big Sister, Beautiful People

The other Big Sisters have been Big Sisters to me too

- JY
Big Sister, Beautiful People

It is not a maths problem. You cannot just find the factors and link to the solution. You just go there with a sincere heart, form a relationship and the girls will fill it in for you.

- Jolene
AG Home

It is encouraging to hear that you are experiencing these dilemmas. Because dilemmas mean commitment. If everything is black and white, then are you really doing what’s best?

- Gerard
Beyond Social Services

community service partners“All smiles after a morning of invigorating and fruitful discussions. Thank you to all our partners and volunteers for joining us. See you again next year!”

BP Annual Leadership Camp

leadership camp

leadership camp

“Spent all night running around Mt Emily :: Did a business plan :: Learnt about new job possibilities at e2i:: shopped and distributed Xmas goodie bags in Marine Parade:: skipped away merrily”

Our girls from Pertapis and AG Home came together in our Annual Leadership Camp, helmed by Camp Commandant Phyllis Ng. This year’s camp is focused on careers.

Li May of e2i hosted our girls, giving them a career talk and giving them the opportunity to meet with career counselors to address any questions. We also invited some of our girls who are working to serve as a career guide, to host a career dialogue, to share with the younger girls on their work experience. It is a great chance for our girls to start thinking about career options, and also to learn about options that they may not have thought of before! So-Young Kang of Awaken facilitated a business plan brainstorming session for our girls. We have budding entrepreneurs ‘setting up’ dogwalking clinics, windsurfing schools and restaurants!

Every leadership camp has a service element, and this year, our girls were given a small budget to shop with, and assemble goodie bags for needy families in the Marine Parade area. I loved that the girls took it upon themselves to think up words to, and sing Christmas carols to bring some early cheer to each of the families we visited!

First-Ever Family Day!

family day

In keeping with Beautiful People’s belief of “Families First”, one of our Little Sisters, Azura, proposed and helped organize the first-ever BP Family Day!

We kick off with an adventure segment, dragon-boating at Kallang River. It is a first for many of the Big and Little Sisters alike.

We then adjourn to Neptune Court, where we host an evening of games and bonding, over some simple fare. For some, it is the first time the Big Sisters get to meet the families of their Little Sisters. For others, it is like a reunion, a chance to get together and catch up. It is a lovely evening spent among family and friends.

BP Annual Leadership Camp

Annual Leadership camp

Annual Leadership camp

Annual Leadership Camp Reflections by Camp Commandant, Geri Lim:

We were blessed to have wonderful trainers and facilitators. Michelle Beck’s experiential training taught the girls about being responsible and motivated them to be owners of their own lives to create the lives they want. Adrian Yap, the winner of AXN Amazing Race Asia, taught the girls an important lesson about not letting one’s handicap (perceived or real) hamper one’s dream. He is a living example of triumphing against the odds and breaking stereotypes and showing the girls that handicap is only a handicap when one allows it to be.

Sheena Ling, our outdoors activities facilitator, was a hit with the girls as she shared stories of her life and brought to life many lessons through playing games. The lovely cubes taught by our crafts facilitator, Melissa Ngo, was simply loved by all.

Last but not least, our surprise guest, Sylvia Ratonel, the runner-up the Singapore Idol, was candid in her sharing over supper with the girls and inspired them to live their dreams.

The camp was a great experience. One where girls spent much time with their big sisters and we learnt from each other.

The girls had the experience of Dialogue in the Dark where blind guides led us through a completely dark environment where one learns to interact by relying on other senses. There was a lot of screaming as we ventured through the unknown but through the activity, we definitely bonded and began to appreciate what we have.

The girls also experienced the joy of giving in the two service visits to St Vincent Home where we shared Christmas joy with the residents of the Home by decorating the premise, penning Christmas wishes and singing carols.

Sheena Ling, our outdoors activities facilitator, was a hit with the girls as she shared stories of her life and brought to life many lessons through playing games. The lovely cubes taught by our crafts facilitator, Melissa Ngo, was simply loved by all.

Last but not least, our surprise guest, Sylvia Ratonel, the runner‐up the Singapore Idol, was candid in her sharing over supper with the girls and inspired them to live their dreams.

The camp was a great experience. One where girls spent much time with their big sisters and we learnt from each other.

The girls had the experience of Dialogue in the Dark where blind guides led us through a completely dark environment where one learns to interact by relying on other senses. There was a lot of screaming as we ventured through the unknown but through the activity, we definitely bonded and began to appreciate what we have.

The girls also experienced the joy of giving in the two service visits to St Vincent Home where we shared Christmas joy with the residents of the Home by decorating the premise, penning Christmas wishes and singing carols.

UNIFEM AND CLUB21 ‘ Buy To Save ’

This December, UNIFEM extended a unique opportunity for Beautiful People’s Little Sisters to support an important women’s cause through their hit fundraiser ‘Buy to Save.’ Our Little Sisters volunteered as merchandising assistants for Buy to Save, and participated in training workshops conducted by UNIFEM’s partners, Club 21 and L’Oreal. In this particular collaboration, the organisers went to great lengths to involve the Little Sisters as an integral part of the event, from training to providing them with exposure in high end fashion retail.

A significant portion of Beautiful People’s activities include job shadowing/ career opportunities and in general, providing wide exposure to life experiences for our Little Sisters. Many of our Little Sisters have a keen interest in beauty, fashion, retail and customer service and the platform that UNIFEM has provided through Buy to Save will provide a memorable avenue for our Little Sisters. The girls developed valuable skill sets in merchandising, saw firsthand the world of high fashion and glamour, and explored career interests in retail.

Equally important, was the opportunity for the girls to interact with people from all walks of life and grow their awareness about violence against women. These are inspiring and valuable opportunities that our Little sisters would not have been exposed to at this stage of their lives. Thank you UNIFEM and Club21!

BP Visioning Exercise

visioning exercise

Beautiful People brought a core group of volunteers together to articulate our highest aspirations for what we wanted Beautiful People to be. Learn the results of our visioning exercise.

“I have enormous satisfaction knowing that I am part of a movement that sows into the next generation of mothers and families. Our girls are beacons and catalysts for the positive change we believe is possible. They believe they can and will overcome together, and I am part of that team.”
“Our partnership with BP has actually changed the way we do business. The girls from Beautiful People just have something different about them. They carry a light, a spark within them that brightens our whole workplace. Each different, but each carrying that positive spark that uplifts, inspires and encourages us all to be our best.”
Beautiful People has demonstrated that when citizens care for one another, societies transform. What began as a small initiative to help a small group of teens has become a movement of volunteers and partners who believe in investing in the so-called small, weak and insignificant. You’ve really lived your motto – ‘Because every girl has a dream’ – and been part of the dream making for so many of our daughters and mothers-to-be.
We see a change in our girls. Beautiful People’s focus on re-integration, developing the girls’ character and their ability to make responsible choices, has helped bridge the gap between the ‘Home’ and the real world – and now, the transition seems far less daunting and painful.
Little sisters
I have friends who love me for me. I feel part of a community and see a regular group of people who lift my spirits and encourage me to be my best. I have discovered my talents and gifts and am exploring how best to use them. I know I have a contribution to make in my life and am actively participating in making this real. I have a steady job, good colleagues and a confidence that I can succeed in my workplace. I’ve maintained my relationships with my Big Sisters and am now mentoring some younger girls.
Family members
I am so proud of my daughter/sister. She presents herself with such confidence and has a grace about her that has inspired others in our family to be like her.

P.S I Silk You’ Postcard With Hermes


Nine Pertapis girls from My Beautiful Life and three girls from Andrew and Grace Home were selected to participate in the Hermés charity postcard project called P.S I Silk You. All proceeds from the auction and sale of the postcards were donated to Beautiful People.

The girls were trained in a one-day workshop on how to tie various scarf-tying techniques. The girls had first-hand experience in working with the customers both at the launch party for celebrities and at road shows at Orchard Road over the next three weeks.

The girls had great fun working with their Big Sisters, J Factor, and Hermés staff. Thank you Hermes!

The Little Sisters did really well at the party. My colleagues were singing their praises :-)

- Madeleine Ho
Hermés Marketing Director

I congratulate your team of Big Sisters and Little Sisters. The overall impression given is exemplary.

- Joyce Ong
J Factor (Event Manager)

A Beautiful Start to 2015


A new season approaches and we are getting ready to meet and greet our new batch of potential volunteers and Big Sisters who will be journeying with us and our Little Sisters in 2015!

Come meet our warm-hearted Big Sisters at our ‘meet and greet’ session:

BP Meet & Greet 2015

Sat, 10 Jan 2015, 2-5PM
NVPC The Central
(Above Clarke Quay MRT)

We look forward to a beautiful start to 2015 with you.

Beautiful People Family