We are 8!

Family Day


16 Feb 2014 – Our very first Family Day. It was a cosy gathering of all Big and Little Sisters and our families and where Beautiful People celebrated our 8th birthday. We are grateful for all our friends and partners for growing together with the Beautiful People family. To many more birthday celebrations together!

Reflections of a Big Sister

Big Sister Jiunwen shares her reflections on her first mentoring journey on Good Work!

My decision to join Beautiful People and be a Big Sister was a simple one – I wanted to be of help (no matter how little) to someone else’s life. Little did I know that in this journey of being a Big Sister, I received a big help to myself in return. Such is the beauty of forging relationships between people who care, and are on the same life journey. Before this, I did not realise how our lives (Big and Little Sisters) are so similar and intertwined. We are all searching for purpose in life . We are all in pursuit of direction, trying to find our true selves in this big complicated world. We are all trying to define our dreams and hopefully make them a reality. We are all human, and most importantly, an unfinished canvas waiting to be painted on in vibrant colours with strokes of love and guidance.
There are many lessons that I have learned, from both Big and Little Sisters alike during this Good Work! programme. Through the Big Sisters, I learned about love, patience and encouragement. Through the Little Sisters, I saw the value of hard work, commitment and perserverance (standing up for and working long hours is not easy! And I don’t think my 15 year old self could even do housework! So kudos to the Little Sisters). Through the trekking at McRitchie, I grasped the concept of testing our limits. We would never know how much we can achieve until we push ourselves as hard as we possibly can (so keep pushing Big and Little Sisters!). The trek also illuminated the power of social support – with the love, encouragement and support from one another, we can truly push our limits and boundaries to attain greater heights collectively as a family.
Other than that, the workshops demonstrated the power of opening our hearts to one another. It’s only through that can deep and meaningful relationships be formed, and I am thankful for each and every one of the relationships I have built with you all during these 10 weeks.
Dear Good Work! Little Sisters, all the hard work and personal growth  you have accomplished during this Good Work! programme will stand you in good stead in life. Continue to keep up the “Good Work” Little Sisters! Cheers to Sisterlicioushood =) We are all a beautiful piece of working  art, waiting to be unravelled.


Featured on The Salvation Army’s Volunteer Portal

Beautiful People was featured on The Salvation Army’s Volunteer Portal. Read all about our pilot partnership with Gracehaven in the nice story “Beautiful People in the making”. Thank you to The Salvation Army for the feature. We look forward to another year of building meaningful and deeper relationships at Gracehaven!




Kindness Morning@The Tent

25 Jan 2014 – Big and Little Sisters from The Tent went out this Saturday morning to visit our builders at a nearby construction site. We brought along water and light snacks, catching them during their short morning break. Our little gesture brought cheer all around! Through a simple act of kindness, we were reminded of how blessed we are to have our foreign friends build our homes. We look forward to celebrating Beautiful People’s 8th Anniversary “Blessed To Be A Blessing” on 16 Feb!

Kindness Blessings (10) Blessings (8)

Get to know Beautiful People on 4 Jan 2014!

We are looking for people with passion and the slightly crazy idealistic belief that society can change with life-giving individual relationships.  We also want people who have a resilient spirit who know the road can be long and hard but are encouraged in that we learn and build meaningful relationships along the way.

If you think that could be you, we would love to meet you at our volunteer recruitment!

Come to the first meet-and-greet session of the brand new year of 2014.

When: 4 Jan 2014 Saturday, 10AM-1230PM

Where: SCWO (Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations)
96 Waterloo Street
Ground Floor Training Room 1
Singapore 187967 (near Bras Brasah MRT)

Drop us a note to let us know you’re coming, at contact@beautifulpeople.org.sg. See you!