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#ChoosetoChange with Beautiful People!

You can #ChoosetoChange a mentee's life by making a donation to our fundraiser, and get 250% tax deduction on your contribution today!

#ChoosetoChange with Beautiful People!
#ChoosetoChange with Beautiful People!


14 Nov 22 – 31 Dec 2022

Our Campaign Story

Beautiful People's #ChoosetoChange returns for its second year. Our #ChoosetoChange campaign aims to amplify the positive impact of mentoring relationships through purposeful fundraisers.

We believe that those who give and those who receive are transformed. With #ChoosetoChange, we hope to inspire others by highlighting our volunteers who have chosen to challenge themselves.  You can #ChoosetoChange by taking a step towards making change in the lives of our mentees through our campaign. Your contribution to the campaign will support Beautiful People's mentorship programmes for our mentees to work towards positive change to become the next generation of inspiring leaders.  

As Beautiful People is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), all donations from at least $10 will receive a 2.5x tax deduction.

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