A Life Changed

Entering AG Home changed Joey’s life. She saw a positive side of life and was determined to step out of her darkness. She began to lead a healthier lifestyle and to think more positively so as to make herself feel better.

Joey’s mentor from Beautiful People, Elaine, was a constant source of encouragement and support to her. This was the light for Joey. Over time, Joey became a whole new person. She was a brighter and more positive version of herself and began to make plans for her future.

In 2013, Joey, inspired by Elaine, resolved to earn enough money to continue her education. Her mentor’s enduring support fuelled her desire to succeed. She was determined to chase every opportunity she could and trust her instincts. Joey has now graduated with a graphic design qualification from a private institution. Her long-term dream is to run a business to motivate others to lead a healthy lifestyle, as this was what improved her life when she was at her lowest point.

Though Joey has faced plenty of obstacles in her life, these adversities have given her more empathy for others in need, shaping her desire to help others and to make a positive impact on the world. Joey has immense compassion for anyone facing similar difficulties as she did. She wants them to have faith in themselves and to never give up, because she believes that one day, an opportunity will come that improves their situation, just as it did for her.

Joey is now a bubbly and cheerful adult who is ready to pursue her dreams. Besides running a business, she aspires to be a mentor for Beautiful People in the future to help youth who are struggling under challenging circumstances, just as Elaine once helped her.



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