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Heroes On a Journey Together

There is a special spark about this couple, Jane Lim and Albert King. They are partners committed to a dream larger than themselves- a commitment to make it possible for every child to dream of a better future, for themselves and their families.The couple’s journey to empower the dreams of the young ones began on a boat. A short ride ferry across the waters, from Singapore to Batam.

Their destination: the orphanage that Beautiful People works with under GLOW, a programme bringing basic literacy and life skills to homeless children from all over Indonesia.

This is part of a journey that is now coming into four years for Jane. Today she is here with her Little Sisters from AG Home, repainting the orphanage for the children. For Albert, it is his first time accompanying Jane on a Beautiful People outing. He did not know it then, but it is to be just the beginning of his own journey with Beautiful People.

Albert, a leadership coach, and Jane, a former flight attendant turned sales manager, have been partners in life for six years. They are now also partners in growing the Beautiful People family.

A firm believer in providing strong leadership through role modeling, Albert is on a mission to invite boys and men to go on what he has called a “Heroes’ Journey”. It challenges the idea of the lone ranger who saves the day. Rather, his vision is to see ordinary people grow together in the simple everyday journey of challenging their own limits.

“For mentoring to be valuable and to do it well, it’s a life long journey sometimes…”

adds Albert. We all have dreams, and these dreams need the support and nurturing of our family to come true.


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