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Karyn’s career has always been in people development. As a result of a confluence of circumstances, Karyn decided to become a Social Worker and her experience in Beautiful People as a mentor and active volunteer has contributed to that career switch. Karyn began her mentoring journey with Beautiful People 9 years ago as a Big Sister in Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls (PCWG).

Over the years, she has been involved in various programmes such as Good Work! and the Young Leaders programmes, contributing in varying roles such as developing training curriculums for junior volunteers and serving as an active mentor.

“Being engaged in something that is incredibly meaningful with the Beautiful People family and having that sense of community with the mentees and mentors has been such a joyful experience. That feeling of being connected with a sense of purpose is why I stayed on with Beautiful People for the past 9 years.”

Karyn’s journey of helping others prevails through as a Social Worker and guided by one of Beautiful People’s manifesto statements, “We are not here to fix people but to be with people so that they can grow bigger than their problems”. Through volunteering with Beautiful People, Karyn has learnt that journeying with someone takes getting to know another person with depth and realising that everyone has their own story with their own path.

Karyn has seen how one of her Little Sisters, Belle (seen in the photos), has grown from a quiet and shy girl, to the confident, independent young woman she is today.

Karyn is always impressed by Belle’s sense of responsibility to her family and believes that she will continue to write the beautiful story of her life as they continue their journey together.

Because Our Dreams Matter.

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