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Cecilia’s volunteering journey with Beautiful People began 12 years ago at the AG Home. This is where Cecilia met her Little Sister Hannah in the volunteer movement’s structured mentorship programme, My Beautiful Life. Since that time, Cecilia has stayed together with Hannah and remains an active part of Hannah’s journey – from becoming a Young Leader, to a Mentor and now the Co-Lead of Beautiful People’s Young Leaders’ programme.

As a mentor, Cecilia has learnt that volunteering is not only a means of helping others but it is a parallel journey of learning together with her mentees.

Cecilia is constantly in awe of her mentees’ grit and resilient mentalities that they can do better which ignites their fighting spirit through challenging times, especially at a time when things seem hopeless.

Cecilia’s commitment to journey with her mentees through ups and downs is further supported by the larger group of volunteers who provide the community of companionship and love throughout her 12 years of volunteering with Beautiful People. “We are made to love and we have the capacity to love; to love others and to receive love. As long as we come from a place of love, it is always such a blessed and meaningful experience to be on this journey together with the Beautiful People family.”

Cecilia continues to actively engage more mentees through her volunteering work as she believes that there is so much potential in each individual and strives to be a constant figure in her mentees’ lives as they travel this parallel journey together.

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