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Elmo’s mother passed away when she was 17. It was a difficult time for her and she is thankful to have many ‘mothers’ who have continued to be by her side for 15 years, and counting. As a Little Sister in Beautiful People’s Families for Families (FfF) programme, Elmo has been loved by a group of Big Sisters who not just give advice but comfort, teach and inspire her to continue to dream.

Elmo has matured from a young teen into a mother of her 3 year old daughter, Huri, who suffered from bad episodes of eczema outbreaks. Seeing Huri suffer brought Elmo to her breaking point where she wanted to give up on herself and her daughter.

Having her Big Sisters by her side during her breaking point was of great comfort to Elmo. Her Big Sister, Shindy accompanied Elmo and her daughter to the clinic, helped with the medical bills.

After 5 months of medication and care, Huri recovered from her terrible outbreaks. She now eagerly looks forward to preschool every day. Elmo’s biggest wish is for her relationship with her Big Sisters to last a lifetime. “Beautiful People has showered me with unconditional love and support. My Big Sisters are great listeners who always put their Little Sisters first. They are my second family, helping me all the time. I will never be ready if they were to leave me for good.”

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