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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Lindsay Ambrosio glows with a sincere and sensitive spirit that refuses to be crushed by the difficulties that life has thrown at her. “Life’s beauty is in you, you just have to embrace it,” says this young lady blossoming into a gentle yet courageous woman. “Bad things may happen to you but it does not need to define you.”

At the age of fifteen, Lindsay entered The Tent – a shelter for women and girls who suffer from broken relationships at home. The most difficult thing was finding herself alone in a strange new place, away from her mother and those she loved.

But Lindsay is determined to be more than her past. As she finds healing, Lindsay became more than an overcomer. Not only did she conquer her challenges to build a better future for herself, she is giving back to society. Today, she focuses her energy on her part-time degree studies, and paying it forward as a volunteer with Beautiful People, teaching basic literacy and life skills to orphans in Batam.

Lindsay says, “I saw how week after week, the Big Sisters turned up at The Tent to spend time with us and show us that we are loved. I want to do the same for the kids at Batam”.For Lindsay, it is about seeing past her own darkness, to focus on the light that she can give someone else.

“I am just so grateful for the many people, especially my Big Sister, who gave me unconditional love and support to go forth in life. They believed in me and they inspired me,” says Lindsay. And she now shines that same light into someone else’s life.


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