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Growing Through What You Go Through

“I am possible, and having the growth mindset to change and become better than before is so important to gain control of my life” shared by Tan Nurliyana, or better known as Acez, who has overcome the adversities in her life with resilience and incredible fortitude.

Meeting big sisters from Beautiful People 13 years ago at 15 years old, changed her life. At the time, Acez experienced traumatic experiences due to an emotionally abusive and challenging family background she was in. No one believed the hardships she had faced, until she met her big sister, Karen under the My Beautiful Life programme at Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls. Karen’s trust and support in Acez provided Acez with the courage to become the confident woman she is today.

Despite the trying times of her past and her family, Acez did not want to repeat the vicious patterns in her own journey of motherhood and in building her family. As a mother to her beautiful daughter Intan, Acez hopes to be a loving, present and protective mother for Intan. She does this by ensuring that all of her needs are met, showering Intan with an abundance of love and care whilst also setting ground rules for her daughter to ensure good behaviour as well. She ensures that Intan gets to spend her birthdays every year, showered with love and a celebration in school with her friends – something she did not experience as a child growing up.

Being the eldest in her family, Acez also has grown to become a role model for her younger siblings. She often offers reminders that there are pros and cons to their actions but each choice has its consequences, to be brave and set boundaries and to always focus on the positive in every situation. Acez hopes to continue growing in her own ways and guiding her loved ones and to pay-it-forward through kindness and devotion.

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