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Meet Hannah, a dynamic multi-tasker who effortlessly balances an array of roles and responsibilities in her life. A dedicated full-time accountant in her day job, Hannah channels her passion for community work serving as a Co-Lead for Beautiful People’s (BP) Young Leaders (YL) Programme. Under Young Leaders, Hannah is a member of the training and recruitment working committee, overseeing coordination and facilitation of resources while managing her fellow mentors to ensure proper training and support provided.

Hannah's journey with Beautiful People can be traced back to when she was a resident at a Home at the age of 15. It was during this time where she was paired with a Beautiful People mentor under the My Beautiful Life (MBL) programme who regularly came down to conduct activities. After leaving the home, Hannah’s mentor continued the relationship and trust established and maintained regular contact with Hannah throughout. Observing her dedication in academics and involvement in various community projects, her mentor proposed the idea of her participation in the MBL programme at her previous home. After attending a few sessions, Hannah was formally invited to join as a Young Leader and was subsequently appointed as a co-lead in the Young Leader programme.

While others may struggle to balance multiple roles and diverse responsibilities, Hannah finds fulfillment and purpose in her dual roles as an accountant and a Young Leader. “In my day job as an accountant, I’ve picked up organisational skills which can be applied in YL  where I can identify insights and gaps, and find ways to better train and support mentors while tapping on my accounting skills when dealing with admin and finance matters.”

Till this day, Hannah continues to be active in Beautiful People and draws her inspiration to the Young Leader programme that empowers mentees where they are capable of doing more despite their past, learning how to embrace themselves for who they are and realise their potential. “Witnessing the growth and positive change in mentees is very fulfilling, knowing that I played a part in their life journey. This is what drives me to continue my journey here, to pay it back to mentees who were in my position while supporting my fellow mentors. BP is like a family and it has formed a huge, positive part of my life.”  

A significant and heartfelt moment in Hannah's leadership journey was witnessing her mentees taking on leadership roles during the Young Leader programme. Mentors and Young Leaders were paired to complete high element activities together, with the mentors blindfolded for an added challenge. Hannah was pleased to witness her fellow Young Leaders overcoming their fear of heights and skillfully guide their mentors safely, successfully completing the activity together. That experience was truly memorable as Hannah witnessed the parallel journey of mentorship, realising how mentees too can provide support to mentors, demonstrating that leadership is neither limited to age nor background. “It’s okay to stumble, as support is always available, and it can be reciprocal”.

As a leader, Hannah provides support to others, yet she acknowledges she is not alone; there’s always a network of support surrounding her. Reflecting on her journey, Hannah emphasises the importance of embracing challenges and leading with purpose. She believes that every step forward, no matter how small, contributes to the greater good of the community.

Hannah's story serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the impact of leadership and dedication within Beautiful People and beyond. As she continues her journey, Hannah remains committed to making a difference in the lives of those around her, one step at a time.

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