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Manjusha is a new mentor and part of the Strategic Committee in the Beautiful People community. Having started her mentoring journey with My Beautiful Life @ Hatch (MBL@Hatch), she is passionate about making meaningful contributions to society by volunteering her time in causes that resonate with her. Given her 15+ years of HR experience and her thoughtfully curious nature, Manjusha aspires to help others discover their own potential – to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Being a mentor with MBL@Hatch has led Manjusha to recognise that each individual comes as their own unique self. As a mentor, she has deepened her understanding of being accepting and open to journeying alongside individuals of different backgrounds and capabilities.

Over the past 5 months, Manjusha’s observation of the mentees’ varying journeys of growth has been incredibly insightful. Realising that each mentee has their own baggage and learning how they cope differently with their struggles has been an eye-opening experience.

It has been a truly rewarding time for Manjusha as she continues her journey as a mentor with the MBL@Hatch programme. “If you have the intention to give your time and volunteer, start now and you’ll never look back.” She believes that this giving experience as a volunteer mentor is a parallel journey; as she gives, she is also receiving as she journeys inward through introspective reflections after the mentoring sessions.

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