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A Happy Family

Growing up through a difficult childhood, Ayu’s rebellious behaviour made it difficult for her to live in a foster home at the age of 13 and she was placed in Hope Centre, a shelter managed by Beyond Social Services. Meeting Beautiful People gave Ayu a chance to realise and fulfil her dream of building a happy family. Through Irene’s help, Ayu has developed a habit of thinking through things, and approaching her problems with a clear mind. The Big and Little Sister bond they share is so strong that Ayu sees Irene as part of her family.

“I love Ayu’s willingness to try. Once she puts her heart to something, she will do it.” Irene has always believed in Ayu and that has given Ayu the courage to believe in herself.

Ayu is now a mother of three daughters, aged five, six and nine. She is also a Patient Service Associate at KK Women and Childrens’ Hospital where she works with Occupational Therapists assisting children with special needs and behavioral issues.

“I’m grateful to be part of this family. The Big Sisters at Beautiful People never feel that we cannot make it in life. Instead, they try to understand our situation. Irene is a Big Sister who is reliable as whenever I need help, she is always there.”


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