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Heroes’ Journey is Beautiful People’s mentoring programme for boys. As the male mentors and their young mentees form supportive relationships, they also grow together in their progress as men and as heroes. Teck Chong, one of the Big Brothers in Heroes’ Journey, was introduced to Beautiful People by his then-girlfriend-now-wife, Wei Ling (seen together in the photos) and they have continued their volunteering journey together ever since. “Start small and start with love”, a belief that Big Brothers’ Andrew, Teck Chong and Ervin began with their journey with Heroes’ Journey 5 years ago in 2016.

In Heroes’ Journey, their strong support system is held together by the family structure consisting of 3 Big Brothers and 3 Little Brothers. This system of support provides a sense of connectedness and belonging for the Big and Little Brothers to grow in a safe space together over the years.

“Seeing them grow and making the right decisions, being their supportive pillar and having the heart to do the work and build meaningful human relationships is why we do what we do.”

As a brotherhood, being on the journey together the past 5 years has brought many memorable experiences such as having durian parties to catch up and bonding through physical activities during their outings. Through it all, cultivating patience within themselves and seeing their Little Brothers grow on the path to becoming courageous men makes the experience as a volunteer mentor such a joyful learning experience for the Big Brothers.

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