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The Family I Never Had

I did not know much about this and did not expect much but through these five years I have grown with Beautiful People and have learnt a lot. One of the greatest achievements I have received from Beautiful People is experiencing care from others and in turn, I learn how to love others. My best memory with Beautiful People will be the annual Beautiful People camp that has not only allowed me to bond more with my Little Sisters but also know more about my Big Sisters.

My big sister, Xin Hui has been caring towards my sisters and I. They were always there when we needed them and did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. Xin Hui is a cheerful and helpful person who has brought joy into my life. My other Big Sister, Geri has been a motherly figure and has showered us with lots of love and care.

Through these five years of camp and activities, we have slowly bonded to become a family. All in all, Beautiful People is the family I never had. Thank you.

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