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Annia Hsu started out her mentoring journey at The Tent in 2017 as a Big Sister. She then embarked on her Masters in Law studies overseas the year after and on her return to Singapore, she resumed her journey with Beautiful People. Why did she do so? Because Beautiful People runs its mentoring programmes with the investment of time in its mentees. This belief aligns with Annia’s personal value of what volunteering should be. “A fundamental truth that I believe is that the investment of time in the people we meet is what is going to make the difference in their lives. Beautiful People embodies that.”

Over time, Annia has witnessed her mentees develop their confidence and interpersonal skills. She believes this carries a meaningful impact as mentors provide physical and emotional support to their mentees in a time when they need it the most. Annia believes that with time, one can truly see the positive impact of building relationships that last far beyond the programme.

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