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Chloe’s journey as a volunteer started in her early 20s – managing part time university studies along with a full time job working in a Social Service Agency. Just before completing her studies, she explored different volunteering opportunities and that's how she found Beautiful People.

Chloe started her journey at Beautiful People in 2015, supporting Good Work!. She continued her volunteering journey by joining the mentor team at Dayspring Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) after reconnecting with volunteers through a ‘Lim Kopi’ session – a volunteer social get-together. These experiences reconstructed her perceptions about various communities that are served within the social service sector.

After seven years of volunteering with Beautiful People, Chloe is still in awe of Beautiful People’s spirit of believing in someone – that they and their lives can become better because someone is journeying with, and believing in, them. “Presence is the best present,” she reflected about what is the most important factor when it comes to strengthening relationships with mentees.

“Keep an open mind and think of ways that you can value-add or give. Even if you feel like you have nothing to contribute, being present helps more than you know. Here’s a reminder that your talent and time will always matter so find a cause that you can pay-it-forward!”

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