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Overcoming Negativity

At 15 years old, Sharon suffered a trauma that tore her family apart. With no place to call home and no one to talk to, she became frustrated and depressed. She fell into the wrong crowd, broke the law, self-harmed and even considered suicide. After repeated brushes with the law, the court sentenced Sharon to community service and supervised probation. Still, it was difficult for her to stay out of trouble.

As she recounts it, it was only when she was introduced to Beautiful People that her life began to turn around.“I didn’t know where I would be or where I was going. I was a very negative person before I met Ming and Beautiful People. But after, I made a 180-degree turn. Ming is someone who didn’t give me a solution but made me think for a solution. She enabled me to see and choose consequences in life.”

Sharon and Ming first met each other at a barbeque. As Sharon was the only one who knew how to start a fire, Ming offered to drive her to the shops to get the starters she needed. They chatted during the ride, and Sharon shared her life story with Ming. She had finally let her barriers down.

Yet, it took about three years for Sharon to see things in a different light with the help of Ming’s mentorship. Slowly, she overcame her negative mindset, believed in herself, and that she could make a difference and turn her dream of becoming a paramedic into a reality.

“It took me years and lots of hard work for me to get to where I am right now. I was down the wrong pathway in life, and got on the wrong side of the law. The wrong choice of friends and my life circumstances put me far away from achieving my dream.”

Sharon’s resilience through the years has paid off. For the past 10 years, she has been working as an Emergency Nurse. Her big heart and forgiving spirit saw her family relationships improve as she matured and learnt to deal with long-standing issues. Her new outlook and attitude in life is so strong that she inspired two relatives to pursue nursing as well. Relatives who used to avoid her now seek her advice after seeing how she had successfully appealed to MPs for her parents on various matters.

While attending to family responsibilities and household chores as a mother to two toddlers and a supportive wife to her husband, Sharon attends full-day classes Mondays to Fridays, and works as a freelance nurse on weekends. Now, she is only nine months away from graduating with her diploma in nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic. Sharon believes that age isn’t a limit to learning and wishes to further her studies by pursuing a two-year degree in nursing once she gets her diploma so that she can become a more qualified nurse.

Sharon’s perseverance, resilience and courage in pursuing her goals and dreams is truly inspiring and deserving of respect and recognition.“Words are powerless to express my gratitude. The care and thoughtfulness from mentors at Beautiful People have made a difference in my life. Thank you Beautiful People and Ming, sending love to you all❤️!”


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