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Meet The Beautiful People Series Story

Srikanth enjoys being a Big Brother to his Little Brothers at Heroes’ Journey, a programme by Beautiful People where he has been volunteering as a Mentor since 2017. Last year, he became a Co-Lead of Heroes’ Journey. As a Co-Lead, Srikanth guides mentors and mentees on how to make the best out of each session. He leads mentees to plan for activities that truly benefit and keep them engaged.

“I always felt the need to have a mentor during my teenage years. It is my dream to contribute to the youth community and guide youths who may need some helping hand as they journey towards reaching their dreams. This was what motivated me to join Beautiful People as a Mentor.” Srikanth finds meaning in spending time with his mentees over different types of activities such as playing sports or bonding over food. Through this, he sees the mentees grow to show more ownership. He is glad to be someone whom the youths can reach out to for any input.

“This journey helps me see myself in the shoes of mentees or fellow mentors and hope for a platform to learn from one another. Mentoring with Beautiful People gives me an opportunity and helps me to connect with myself.” Srikanth finds that mentoring at Beautiful People is a constant learning process of growing his patience and understanding. Through mentoring, he is able to connect with new people and build strong bonds with them through shared experiences. He is also grateful to be able to spread more positivity and lend a listening ear, something easily forgotten given the busy lives we lead.


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