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A More to Mentoring Series Story

Sufancia’s passion is to help youths. She is especially concerned for the need for youths to complete their basic education as she believes that education is the key to end poverty cycles. Having received help from people she never knew as she grew up, she was able to complete her education and lead a comfortable life. This motivates her to want to return the good deed and make a change in society by nurturing the younger generation. “There is a reason for how a person behaves and reacts. This could be due to trauma from their past experience and hence everyone’s definition of what is acceptable, normal and good differ.” As a mentor part of the planning programme for My Beautiful Life (MBL) programme at Beautiful People, Sufancia believes in being present for her mentees and journeying them through thick and thin.

Every MBL session revolves around a theme which is catered to impart life lessons or skills to mentees. Sufancia plans activities to keep the mentees engaged while hearing them out and spending quality time with them. She particularly looks forward to various outings such as cycling at East Coast Park, visiting Garden by the Bay for the Christmas season, the mirror maze at Jewel to even simple experiences like the mentees enjoying their fast food. Sufancia’s dream in this journey is to let mentees know that they have someone to share their journey with. She is glad to be part of Beautiful People where mentors and mentees build on and confide in one another.


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