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Meet The Beautiful People Series Story

What I thought was just a simple mountain-climbing trip in Nepal turned out to be a life-changing one – transforming the trajectory of my life. I met poverty in the face. I confronted the reality of my life and the world around me. More than just career success, accolades and accomplishments, what am I really doing with my life? What impact am I contributing to society? What legacy am I leaving to the next generation? How am I building a better society? What am I doing with what I have?

I came back to Singapore, reaching out to all the NGOs to find all ways to volunteer and to understand the struggles and challenges in society.

Beyond the fanfare and glamorous facade that Singapore portrays to the world, there’s just so much deep-seated ongoing issues that few would spend time and effort to journey with people on the fringes, the outcast and neglected. It is never easy nor convenient. Instead, it is a commitment to see every individual understand their identity, unlocking their talents and fulfilling their dreams. It’s not an overnight task but years of journeying with one another to learn and grow together.

Currently, I’m co-leading at The Tent – journeying with mentors (Big Sisters) and Little Sisters. Leadership is a shared responsibility where we co-create and take ownership of our communities. I like the beauty of diverse personalities and strengths, as well as unlocking talents and untapped potential. When we come together and serve one another, we build a more cohesive society – for the better good of everyone.

Everyone has something to contribute to society – regardless of background, age, skills, etc. All of us can learn from one another if we choose to live beyond ourselves. Sharing life stories (the ups and downs), skills and resources enable us to build stronger bridges amongst one another. Regardless of size, it’s the heart of going the extra mile for people, with no strings attached.

I endeavour to live beyond myself – to make an impact wherever I go with whatever I have. The more people understand about their identities, strengths and passions, the more they can tap on their unleashed potential and achieve dreams together. It takes a community to grow together.


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