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Good Work

What if we opened up the world of work to our youths as a challenge? What if work did not have to be dreary or boring, but became a fun way to learn and grow? What if we could nurture kindness at workplaces?

And thus, Good Work! was born. Designed as an empowering work-trial experience for our Little Sisters, it sought to redefine the meaning of work, as well as the transformation that partners in the corporate world and the community can achieve together.

Over the course of a 10-week internship from Oct to Dec 2013, Little Sisters learnt life-skills both in the classroom and in the real world of work. Through it all, they were supported by a network of peers, Big Sisters, coaches and mentors at work, who by the end, had become important influences and a source of strength.

This video captures the ups and downs of the journey, and the quiet but powerful transformation that emerged as a result of a courageous group of people who dared to say ‘yes!’ to a dream.

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