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We Are A Relationship,
Not A Programme

Beautiful People is a volunteer movement powered

by the vision to create a world in which we are

“One loving family: Every dream a possibility.”

As a community-based organisation, Beautiful People’s mission is to be a platform for building mentoring relationships that changes lives. 

Since 2006





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Stories of Us

We believe in the power of stories to transform, one person at a time. Stories of Us relates the mentoring relationships that have changed lives as we walk together to discover, pursue and fulfill our dreams as a family of mentors and mentees.


Whether it is $10 or $10,000, no amount is too small to invest in the dreams that will become our future.


Beautiful People invites you to join us in sharing our dream of a world in which we are one loving family, with every dream a possibility. 

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Join us if you’re a voluntary welfare organization involved in youth and family work or a corporation looking to start a mentoring programme.

Join The Movement
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