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Meet Cecilia, a Beautiful People (BP) co-lead at Dayspring Therapeutic Home for over a decade while working full-time managing administrative matters for her family business. With a warm smile and a heart for community projects, Cecilia’s dual roles complement each other; her involvement in Dayspring enhances her communication and leadership skills while her business administrative role sharpens her organisational skills. Both roles have allowed her to make meaningful contributions to her community, while developing her personal and professional capacity. 

Her journey with Beautiful People began more than a decade ago, sparked by her sister’s involvement in volunteer work at Andrew and Grace (AG) Home supporting troubled teenagers. Inspired by her sister’s journey, Cecilia began exploring volunteering opportunities and pondered causes she is most passionate about. She recalled “When my sister introduced me to Beautiful People and their work in supporting teenage girls and women in residential homes, I was drawn to their cause as I have a daughter of my own. Since then, I have been actively involved in Beautiful People till this day.”

Cecilia cites her motivation in continuing her journey with Beautiful People to be attributed to the tightly knitted relationships formed with her fellow volunteers and mentees at Dayspring, believing everyone deserves a second chance. Transitioning her focus and dedication towards Dayspring was fueled by the impact of her involvement in supporting individuals grappling with trauma through offering a listening ear and facilitating their healing journey. 

While Cecilia treasures every single moment spent throughout her leadership journey at Beautiful People, one of her highlight moments were the trips to Batam and cycling trips to Pulau Ubin with her fellow Dayspring volunteers, which allowed her to foster deeper connections with her team and fueled their motivations in giving back to the community.

Cecilia sums up her volunteering leadership experience with the following keywords: purposeful interactions and mutual respect. “I’ve come to see my fellow mentors and mentees as my own Big Sisters, cherishing deep conversations that extend beyond mere tasks to even brief interactions. Everyone is unique, each others’ background and commitment levels are essential in order to move forward as a team". 

Her advice to others going through a similar journey like hers is simple yet profound: prioritise openness, honesty, and  open communication within your team. Providing opportunities for team members to engage in constructive feedback allows them to be open and transparent when communicating, in turn fostering trust and strengthening relationships. Cecilia hopes to continue exploring the different programmes within Beautiful People and seek opportunities for personal growth such as trying out fundraising or training.  

“Most importantly, I'd emphasise continuing to pursue what I love and encouraging more Big Sisters to join the mentoring journey—it's deeply rewarding for all.”

“Never give up, you are not alone.

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