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Fiona’s life is an example of how Beautiful People impacts as a community. Fiona joined Beyond Social Services and was introduced to Beautiful People during a befriending activity where she met with her first Big Sister Dawn. As a teenager, Fiona mixed with the wrong crowd. She was caught by the police, sentenced to stay at Andrew and Grace Home and later relocated to Singapore Girls’ Home. The Beautiful People family was Fiona’s support system during that time.

Fiona received love from Big Sisters Dawn, Dora and Melissa who kept in touch and assisted her after her release and in her first job as a hairdresser. When her daughter was born, Beautiful People’s Big Sisters donated baby essentials such as a pram, diapers and milk formula. This served as a great relief to Fiona who was raising her daughter as a single mother.

Meeting her Big Sisters and experiencing their ongoing care and support has helped Fiona reprioritise her life. Fiona works as a Delivery rider to support her family. It is her daughter and her Beautiful People family which kept Fiona on track.

“Not everyone is like me, lucky to have Beautiful People in my life. If not for them, I think I would have gotten myself into greater trouble.”

Fiona’s positive outlook of life, sacrificial love for her daughter and ability to give back to the people around her is because of the continuous relationship Beautiful People has given her. Her hope is for her daughter to come to know Beautiful People like she has and the impact it has had on her life.

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