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“There are so many opportunities to give back, and all it takes is that first step to want to pay-it-forward.”

Driven by building genuine connections with people, Sunitha loves to spend her extra time volunteering and giving back. Be it making hats for cancer patients, cleaning houses for vulnerable communities, befriending the elderly and reaching out to youth-at-risk through mentoring, she believes that through these experiences of giving, she has received abundantly as well.

Sunitha joined Beautiful People in 2018 as part of the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (PCWG) mentoring team until 2020. The time spent with her mentees there are her most fond memories of volunteering with Beautiful People. Regular visits to PCWG gave Sunitha a sense of what her mentees go through. During these visits, the mentees would always look forward to seeing the mentors, which made the mentors feel that their presence made a big difference in their mentees’ lives!

Sunitha continued her journey with Beautiful People by being part of the Save for Dreams Organising Committee in 2021. She connected with the Swiss Re Befrienders’ Team and coordinated for the Save for Dreams workshops to run smoothly. With these different experiences of mentoring and coordinating for workshops, she hopes to continue paying-it-forward in more ways through different capacities.

Sunitha shared about volunteering was, “I would do it over and over again. The relationships, the wealth of knowledge and experiences that I have gained through volunteering has been unlike anything else. It is imperative to do what you can now, and spread positivity to others in your own capacity.

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