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Meet The Beautiful People Series Story

Yee Mun has been an avid volunteer in the animal sector. However she yearned to also contribute to the social service sector. It was as if someone had heard her wish and soon after, she was introduced to Beautiful People by a mentor who also volunteers as a mentor at Beautiful People. Yee Mun learnt how many young lives had been transformed through the Beautiful People journey. This made her reflect on how she could use her life to transform the lives of others.

Being introduced to Beautiful People was a timely opportunity for Yee Mun to finally do what her mentors had hoped for, which was to become a mentor herself.

Yee Mun was concerned on whether she could be a good mentor, one that was able to connect well with her mentees. Thankfully, she did not have to worry much as the structured programmes by Beautiful People helped to ease her and be equipped to make connections with her mentees. Yee Mun is now a mentor in Beautiful People’s Dream Fund programme. Since then, there is no turning back as Yee Mun constantly finds meaning in her mentoring journey.

Dream Fund is a structured programme which involves Mentors and Mentees attending sessions every alternate Saturday. These topics range from ‘Family and Relationships, to Financial Planning. It started with sessions facilitated by the seasoned mentors and following that, For every session, mentors and mentees take turns to lead the rest in organising mini programmes and activities. The ultimate goal of the programme is to establish a platform fit for mentors to journey together with mentees and provide advice to them if necessary.

Yee Mun enjoys the relationships formed with her mentees and the opportunity to support them. She finds it especially heart-warming when she can be part of her mentee’s life. The most important learning that she has gained from her journey with Beautiful People is not to prescribe, but to listen!

Yee Mun has learnt that it is best to hear others out first before jumping in to share one’s thoughts. Life circumstances differ for everyone and this affects how her mentee’s decisions and actions turn out. How she deals with situations in her own life will not be fully applicable to her mentee’s life. Listening has shown Yee Mun many different life experiences and perspectives and in turn she is able to reflect and better understand her own. Giving is indeed receiving! As a mentor, Yee Mun hopes to be able to continue to give her best support to her mentees and journey with them all the way.


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