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At the age of 35, Norli was sentenced to 6 years in prison for long-term repeated drug abuse, which she got hooked on when she was 13. While in prison, Norli was selected to be part of Beautiful People’s Free For Good (FFG) programme. It was through FFG that Norli began to see hope in herself. Norli has become a confident motivational speaker and author.

She has shared her story from brokenness to restoration through her book ‘From Archetype to Stereotype’ and given motivational talks through Women of Courage Asia & Genius Central Singapore, Architects Of Life and Beautiful People’s Meet and Greet Session. She has a new book on the way, ‘Glimpse of Hope’, which will share her entire life journey from childhood to motherhood.

Having a supportive group of mentors to listen and provide for her emotional and mental well-being before and after her discharge, Norli no longer turns to drugs for comfort. At the age of 39, Norli was released from prison and is finally Free For Good!

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